Apparently This Is What Your Finger Length Reveals About You

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Our hands hold a lot of information about our lives. Everything about them, from the color someone paints their nails to the hand gestures they use and how many wrinkles and lines they have, offers us insights into many different things. It can be their age, health, the types of choices they make, and even their general personality type!

One of the best examples out there is left versus right hand dominant people. The two opposing hands have been famously compared and contrasted against each another for years. Those who are left handed are seen as naturally more artistic and they are easier to both scare and anger than their right handed counterparts. Another great example is palmistry, whereby the lines on the palms of our hands are closely examined and read for insights into our character traits, personality, destiny in life, and more.

Another way in which we can analyze our personalities through our hands is by looking at finger length. By examining the ratio between the index, middle, and ring fingers on your left hand you can figure out your greatest strengths and how those translate over into your life and career. All that you need to do is look closely at your left hand and then compare it against choices A, B, and C to see which one your fingers match up the best with. Try it now and please share this with friends and family so they can all see what their finger length says about their personalities. Have fun and enjoy!

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