Why Pay The Exterminator a Fortune When You Can Solve Your Ant Issue With THIS 2 Dollar Hack

It’s getting warmer which is great, but it means those pesky ants are around in droves, getting into your home and your food. They love getting into houses because of the food, and the ability to get safe crawl spaces to hide their colonies. I cringe when I see them all over my house and have used store-bought ant traps in the past instead of going to the expense and chemical exposure of calling an exterminator!

The problem is, now that I have a dog those ant traps contain chemicals as well, which can be quite harmful. The video you are about to watch below, offers a great remedy that should be sprayed outside only, and if you have an animal he shows you how to keep them from getting into this recipe.

Using common household natural ingredients, WATER, SUGAR and/or HONEY and BORAX, the tutorial shows you how to mix and apply. The ants love this, and your problem will be solved within 24-48 hours. If you don’t  have a pet and already have a multitude of ants inside, you can soak cotton balls in this mixture and lay them around the areas of entry at nighttime. It is an amazing remedy for what can be a summertime nightmare!

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Whenever They Eat Outside He Puts 4 Pie Tins Under His Table. The Reason Is Brilliant.

There is nothing worse than trying to have a lovely picnic, or just eating outside on your deck in great weather, and be infested with ants who want to partake in your meal!  Actually, it’s just as bad having ant infestations in your kitchen, counters, bathrooms…I mean come Spring they invade my house.  I’ve always used store bought ant traps, but have never been happy having chemicals do the trick.

This being said, I was intrigued when I found this video you are about to watch below, posted by the helpful YouTube  channel, HouseholdHacker.  He has come up with some ingenious remedies for chronic ant problems, that you won’t want to miss.  Watch to see how putting some tin foil pie tins under the legs of your picnic table, keeps the nasty critters from ruining your picnic.

For indoor ant problems he gives you some hints about how not to leave food or drink residue around, that is particularly attractive to them.  In my house, as soon as the weather warms I get infested in many rooms.  He provides a homemade mixture that doesn’t involve chemicals, that they will partake in and bring back to their colony, to stop the problem.

If you happen to know where the colony is, he has some direct antidotes that involve water, borax, vinegar and cayenne pepper to bring directly to the source, that really works.  For all the details of how to address ant infestation, watch the clever tricks of the trade that HouseholdHacker has cleverly combined, in the footage below.

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THIS Spice You Already Have In Your Home Will Get Rid Of Your Ant Problem Immediately

Ants are basically everywhere. In fact, the only areas on Earth that lack ants are locations where it’s too cold for them to survive. Oddly enough one such place, Antarctica, sounds like it’s named after them!

Even though they’re just about everywhere, the one place no one ever wants to see any ants is in their house. They’re just gross, some have painful bites, and just the sight of them crawling around can ruin your day. That’s because if you see one little ant it’s very likely that somewhere close by hundreds, maybe even thousands, more are lurking.

If or when your home is invaded by ants, keep calm and grab the cinnamon! It’s an effective all-natural remedy that’s a lot safer for pets and children than any of the toxic, chemical laden ant-rid products are. Plus, your house will end up smelling wonderful!

Here’s how to use cinnamon to repel pesky ants- Simply sprinkle a bit of plain powdered cinnamon wherever you see ants around the house. Look to see where they’re coming from and focus on doors, windows, cracks and crevices, the foundation, near the trash, or wherever else you think they could be getting in. You may also use cinnamon essential oil diluted in a bit of water. Dip a Q tip in the oil and draw a line across doorways or around cracks to form a barrier. Ants hate cinnamon and will not walk on or over it, so be thorough. To see just how well cinnamon works check out the accompanying video. If you were skeptical before the clip, it will make you a believer!

There are several different theories as to why cinnamon works. One is that the strong aroma it emits interferes with the ants sense of smell, which they rely on to get around and communicate by. Ants leave a trail of pheromones to scent mark pathways to food and others follow them, that’s why you often see them following one another in uniform lines. The cinnamon blocks these trails and messes up their sense of smell, sending them packing! Another theory is that ants cannot stand having cinnamon essential oil or powder on their bodies and that breathing it in causes them to choke or suffocate. Regardless of the true cause, it works and that’s all that matters.

All in all it sounds like cinnamon is the way to go. You won’t have to worry about your kids or animals, your house will smell good, and all of the ants will be gone. Try it and stop the little invaders in their tracks!

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