She Notices a Strange Thing Inside Her Blueberry. She Looks Closer Is Stunned and Disgusted!

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Blueberries stand out as one of the most widely consumed and healthiest types of berries, and food in general, that people consume.  The small blue globes are packed full of antioxidants, vitamin K, fiber, vitamin C, and they help protect against diabetes and heart disease.  The best part about them are how easy, versatile, and convenient they are. You can snack on them alone, bake them into other foods, make smoothies and mix them into oatmeal or breakfast cereal for a healthy, extra-tasty touch.

That’s exactly what one woman did when she poured a hearty bowl of her morning cereal and sprinkled a handful or two of blueberries over the top.  It was part of her morning ritual, something she did every day and didn’t ever think twice about. However, all that was about to change.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something strange and out of place in her cereal.  It was a blueberry that appeared off, there was a white spot on it, maybe it was moldy she thought.  After taking it out of the bowl she had a closer look and what she saw put her off her breakfast and made her feel slightly ill inside.  The white spot wasn’t mold at all, instead it appeared to be a spider nest!

A tiny spider must have burrowed inside the berry where it spun a nest and made itself at home.  Disgusted, the woman ended up tossing her cereal and the rest of the berries, she didn’t want to take a chance with more spiders and had completely lost her appetite for any type of berry.  As dismayed as she was, she did manage to take a quick picture of the offending berry and posted it online as a warning to others.

While not uncommon, finding a bug or spider in fresh fruits and veggies is never a pleasant sight, especially when you’ve already been snacking on them.  Most produce sold in grocery stores has been pre-washed or treated in some way during the growing process, such as with pesticides, to keep bugs away. Even if they survive all that, by the time the product reaches the shelf any bug that may have been on it is likely gone.  

However, because the woman had bought the blueberries at a nearby farmer’s market, and since they were organic, she knew no pesticides had been used on them. Being at a local market, they also hadn’t been handled as much or transported as far. The spider’s presence may have been a sign of quality and freshness but try telling that to someone who really dislikes spiders or has a full blown phobia of them!     

For more information on the health benefits of blueberries and some interesting facts about them, be sure to check out the video.  And always remember to wash fruits and veggies before you eat them and look closely at those blueberries!

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If You Eat 12 Blueberries Everyday For a Month THIS Is What Happens To Your Body

You may have heard that blueberries are good for you, but you may not actually know why.  We are headed towards summer in when blueberries are in season; sweet and firm and packed with such healthy components that many consider these deep colored fruits a SUPER FOOD.

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this amazing fruit can help protect you from cancers and auto-immune diseases, and has a powerful effect on the rate of aging; it could be considered “The Fountain of Youth”.

You are about to watch a short video below, in which Mike Foster is both informative and amusing in his exaltation of the MIGHTY BLUEBERRY.  The footage was posted by “LiveLife365”.

Blueberries eaten daily have the ability to lower blood sugar, which does seem counterintuitive, given the fact that they are a sweet fruit; the fact that they have this benefit makes them a great ‘go-to’ for diabetics.

In addition to lowering cancer risks, blueberries improve eyesight and lower bad cholesterol.  The reason they are effective in maintaining a youthful appearance is due to the high levels of Manganese and Vitamins A and C, which promote collagen renewal.

For more details about this potent fruit, which has similar health benefits to that of almonds, listen to Foster’s take on the importance of having blueberries in your daily diet.  He covers both the mental and physical benefits, and his pitch will send you off to the grocery store to get some!

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