This Short Test Will Reveal If You Have 20/20 Contrast Vision

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This quiz offers you an excellent chance to test your visual and mental abilities when it comes to color contrast vision. Contrast is what sets objects and their colors apart from one another, without it we’d be unable to distinguish things in the world because they’d all appear to blend together.

However, just as some people are colorblind, others are color contrast blind. They do not have 20-20 contrast vision in that they are lacking in their ability to perceive the subtle variations between very similar shades of the same color family. The sharper and more sensitive your eyes are at picking up contrast, the more colors you can see, and vice versa!

Colorblindness is not as simple or straightforward as many people often assume it to be. For starters, it’s actually quite common and according to approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are affected by some degree of color blindness. This may mean that they have a complete inability to see color at all and instead see the world in black, white, and shades of gray. While that type of colorblindness is rare, a more common one is when the eyes have a decreased ability to see and/or differentiate between colors. That’s where color contrast vision comes into play. And while it’s not an actual type of blindness per se, it is a perceptive deficiency in one’s color vision.

By the end of this quiz you’ll know whether or not there’s an issue with your contrast color vision and how accurate it may in fact be. Try it now because after all, you can never be too sure about your eyesight and it’s always best to get it checked out asap in case you’ve developed an issue.

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