Woman Starts Cutting Into Her Old Leggings. When She’s Done Its Absolutely Stunning!

Do you have an old, tired pair of leggings taking up closet space? Instead of donating or tossing them out try getting creative and give them a style upgrade. With just a pair of scissors you can transform your leggings into a cute new crop top shirt. This DIY tutorial on the Handimania YouTube channel shows how to easily do it and it’s impossible to mess this one up. There is no sewing necessary and you can do this in under a minute so be sure to check it out and try it later. Plus, who doesn’t want a shirt that’s basically free, which looks great on, and that you can say you made!

Start off by laying out the leggings on a flat surface and fold them in half the long way, so that one leg overlaps the other and rests directly atop it. Smooth the fabric as evenly as you possibly can and then grab a pair of scissors.

Pinch the seams at where they meet in the crotch area and pull the fabric tight with one hand. With the other hand begin to cut, starting from about an inch or so below where you are pinching. Cut out a half-circle shape, which will become the neckline for the top, and it can be further adjusted to get the desired fit you’re looking for. The legs are now sleeves and the waistline is now the bottom part of the shirt.

This fashion trick is the perfect way to up-cycle and reuse leggings that no longer fit or ones you love but wore too much. It actually looks great too and you only need to make one cut, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this today!

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