Apparently I’ve Been Making Grilled Cheese Wrong My Entire Life. I Had No Idea.

If you’re going to take the time to make a grilled cheese sandwich, you’ve got to do it right or it’s just not worth the effort. You can’t skimp on the cheese or butter and you have to use plain old white bread, it’s the standard and always has been. While those basic ingredients should stay the same, the method of cooking and assembly can change if it leads to a better sandwich overall.

The guy in this Food Wishes video has managed to take the art of grilled cheese making to the next level with his inside-out grilled cheese sandwich creation. The recipe remains simple and traditional, but the outcome is on the next level. This tasty looking sandwich comes out crispy, crunchy, and cheesy on the outside, with melted gooey cheese on the inside. It’s the perfect homemade snack that will hit the spot every single time and it’s super easy to make, here’s how:

For ingredients all that you need is real butter, white bread, and extra sharp cheddar cheese. In a non-stick pan melt a pad of butter. Place two slices of white bread down in the pan and top one with extra-sharp cheddar cheese. Flip the plain slice of bread over and onto the cheesy one and then top the warm buttery side with another layer of cheddar cheese. Add just a little bit more butter to the pan and then flip the stack completely over so that the cheese is face down in the butter.

Take some more cheddar cheese and place it on the remaining side. Adjust the heat so that the bread slowly toasts and becomes crispy, medium-low should do the job, and be careful not to burn it. Flip it over once again after about 3-4 minutes, or when the bottom cheese has become caramelized, and crisp up the other side. Now sit back, relax, eat, and enjoy your ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

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Mom Puts Her Daughter’s Hair Into Three Ponytails. But The End Result Is a STUNNING Surprise!

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Kamri, a sweet young teen and her mom, are YouTubers of the Cute Girl’s Hairstyles (CGH) channel.  Rather than their videos being a vanity laden thing, they kind of bring me back to the good old days, of my mom doing my hair.  It always felt relaxing…it was “our time”.  The results weren’t quite as beautiful as these creations, which really are little works of art.

There is nothing fresher and more appealing than a stunning braid, and Kamri really appreciates her mom’s artistry; she wears the outcome with a bounce in her step and big smile on her face.  The technique is done in a step-by-step fashion, making it easy to follow, if you would like to try this with your daughter or a friend.

Mom starts with separating Kamri’s beautiful long hair into 3 pony tails, and then shows you the few basic steps of twisting the hair that gets repeated over and over, until the grand finale…the “Triple-Flip Combo” braid, that will stun you after 5 minutes.  Check out the video below and let us know if you will try it.

Let us know how yours comes out!

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They Refused To Cut Their Hair For 18 Years. But After Getting Made Over Their Transformation Is STUNNING

With each passing year comes a new hairstyle trend and different looks are always going in and out of fashion. Many of us love getting our haircut and visit the salon regularly to keep our locks not only strong and healthy, but our appearance up-to date as well. It’s just one of those things in life that we have to do to!

However, there are a few rare souls out there in the world who never cut their hair, or rather, they let years pass between trims. Tim and Wendy White used to be those people, aka the ones who manage to not cut their hair in decades! The two grew up in the 80s and they happen to absolutely love the whole rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. In fact, they have embraced the culture so much that they even made a pact with each other to keep their hair as long and big as possible, a la the iconic 80s glam rock style!

The couple managed to rock their outdated 80s hair way past its prime and by 2003 their friends had had enough. Intervening on behalf of the Whites, they called up Oprah and told her all about the couple’s long hair story. Intrigued, Oprah invited them on her show to give them one of her classic makeovers and as you can see in the accompanying video, they are both long overdue for a cut!

The couple was interviewed before and after they went under the scissors in order to get their takes on how they really felt about their hair and looks. In her interview before her appearance on the show Wendy revealed that the last time she had a haircut was in 1992 and if you think that’s bad, Tim’s last one was in 1985! Wendy also said that she believed her hair made her look about 6-11 years older than what she actually was, while Tim said his hair aged him by 7-17 years. Even though at the time he was only 43 years old, he thought that he looked about 50-60 years old!

The two were both well aware that they needed to make a change, but they also needed professional help! That’s where Oprah and her team of experts and specialists came in. They took Wendy and Tim in under their wing and turned them into completely different looking people! You have to check out the big reveal to see the before and after, their transformation is like night and day. It’s amazing how much of a huge difference a simple haircut can make.

The best part of all comes at the end when Tim sees Wendy for the first time, his reaction is so cute and sweet. Heck, even the audience was gasping in shock by the new, revamped looks. This is one of those feel-good moments Oprah is known for, so be sure to watch the magic happen.

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Woman Starts Cutting Into Her Old Leggings. When She’s Done Its Absolutely Stunning!

Do you have an old, tired pair of leggings taking up closet space? Instead of donating or tossing them out try getting creative and give them a style upgrade. With just a pair of scissors you can transform your leggings into a cute new crop top shirt. This DIY tutorial on the Handimania YouTube channel shows how to easily do it and it’s impossible to mess this one up. There is no sewing necessary and you can do this in under a minute so be sure to check it out and try it later. Plus, who doesn’t want a shirt that’s basically free, which looks great on, and that you can say you made!

Start off by laying out the leggings on a flat surface and fold them in half the long way, so that one leg overlaps the other and rests directly atop it. Smooth the fabric as evenly as you possibly can and then grab a pair of scissors.

Pinch the seams at where they meet in the crotch area and pull the fabric tight with one hand. With the other hand begin to cut, starting from about an inch or so below where you are pinching. Cut out a half-circle shape, which will become the neckline for the top, and it can be further adjusted to get the desired fit you’re looking for. The legs are now sleeves and the waistline is now the bottom part of the shirt.

This fashion trick is the perfect way to up-cycle and reuse leggings that no longer fit or ones you love but wore too much. It actually looks great too and you only need to make one cut, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this today!

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These Are All The Ways Women’s Makeup Has Changed Throughout History: So Awesome To See The Transformations


It has become cliche to say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This video speaks to the role of makeup styles throughout time and across cultures, and how they reflect cultural conceptions of beauty. Watching the sped up transformations from natural beauty to the  cosmetic practices reflected in the cultures of Ancient Egypt, the Elizabethan Era and the modern age, has a magical quality.

The video raises the question of why standards of beauty are so variant over time and across cultures.  What makes a particular society view beauty so differently than another?  How is it possible that the uni-brow was so desired that it was often cosmetically faked, when today it is abhorrent to look at?

Conceptions of beauty and how cosmetics are used to create illusions that reflect these conceptionsis so variable. Check out this video to see the fascinating differences in human ideals of beauty.  It makes you wonder what will be next.  Will our societies views of how to highlight beauty today seem bizarre when we look back in the future?  It really makes you wonder about what’s ahead.

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