Mom Puts Her Daughter’s Hair Into Three Ponytails. But The End Result Is a STUNNING Surprise!

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Kamri, a sweet young teen and her mom, are YouTubers of the Cute Girl’s Hairstyles (CGH) channel.  Rather than their videos being a vanity laden thing, they kind of bring me back to the good old days, of my mom doing my hair.  It always felt relaxing…it was “our time”.  The results weren’t quite as beautiful as these creations, which really are little works of art.

There is nothing fresher and more appealing than a stunning braid, and Kamri really appreciates her mom’s artistry; she wears the outcome with a bounce in her step and big smile on her face.  The technique is done in a step-by-step fashion, making it easy to follow, if you would like to try this with your daughter or a friend.

Mom starts with separating Kamri’s beautiful long hair into 3 pony tails, and then shows you the few basic steps of twisting the hair that gets repeated over and over, until the grand finale…the “Triple-Flip Combo” braid, that will stun you after 5 minutes.  Check out the video below and let us know if you will try it.

Let us know how yours comes out!

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