An Easy Way To Tell If Your Batteries Are Dead Or Still Have Some Juice Left

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Many of us buy batteries of different sizes, AA, AAA, C, D etc., and we use a few of them and put the unused ones in a Ziploc for another day.  Sometimes we will remove old batteries and get them mixed up with the fresh ones and they all end up together.  There’s nothing more annoying than putting a battery in and finding out it’s dead…then going through a bunch to find one that’s still got juice.

Believe it or not there is a simple way to avoid this hassle without having to own a battery testing device.  It’s a trick that works more than 80% of the time and is illustrated in the VIDEO you are about to watch below.

What is shown is a bounce test that changes when the alkaline in the battery wears down; it produces a gas that fills the inside, and changes how the battery bounces, as it is dropped a short distance onto a hard surface.

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