A Strange and Simple Smell Test Using This Common Food Can Reveal Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Begin.

image via – youtube.com

The devastation of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, is a crushing blow for patients and families alike. Symptoms often go undetected until some really bizarre and often dangerous behavior occurs. As there is no cure as yet for this degenerative brain disease, researchers have been working on finding a means for early diagnosis, that is affordable and will allow treatment to begin to slow down the progression of the disease.

As the website “MNT” has reported, one of the first manifestations of cognitive decline, is a deficiency in sense of smell. Being able to detect smells has a direct link to the first cranial nerve; impairment in this area begins the downward functioning of cognition.

This fact led a group of researchers at the University of Florida Health, led by Jennifer Stamps, to test the acuity of patients’ sense of smell as a potential avenue for early diagnosis of cognitive impairment. Stamps illustrates and explains how they went about doing this, in the video you are about to watch below.

What they discovered was truly a BREAKTHROUGH for EARLY DETECTION of ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE as well as other kinds of DEMENTIA. Stamps explains in the footage below that, “All of the Alzheimer’s patients had a left nostril impairment [while] the right nostril was  normal at odor detection [of PEANUT BUTTER]”. While “Alzheimers.net” concurs with the validity of this process for existing Alzheimers, they point out that impaired sense of smell is associated with numerous cognitive impairments.

If you or your family members suspect some cognitive decline and/or a diminished sense of  smell, go see a neurologist rather than testing this out at home. Sometimes we imagine deficits that come from fear of

Alzheimers or other forms of dementia, but if these thoughts plague you, it is better to be safe than sorry. Early diagnosis and treatment, should your fears be a reality, will help to ensure a longer quality of life.

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