He Never Throws His Leftover Eggshells Into The Trash. But The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

image via – youtube.com

Spring and Summer are finally here, and whether you actually do the gardening yourself, or just revel in the beauty of a healthy garden, this tip is for you!  When you throw your egg shells into the the trash, you are wasting a potentially powerful tool for a healthy garden.

As you will hear in the short video you are about to watch, egg shells contain one of the richest sources of calcium.  He will show you how to harness the 39.15% calcium found in egg shells so that it can be used not only to enrich your garden soil, but prevent blossom end rot.

Plants prone to this rot, such as tomatoes, end up being much more prolific when the calcium-rich egg shells are added  to the soil.  You will hear how the mineral fights the rot of blossoming plants in a most fascinating way.  Now, you may be wondering if you just throw the eggshells into the soil, or is something more required?

Store your egg shells until you are ready to use them.  To prevent any type of bacteria, he will tell you how to easily clean them, and then blend them into a fine powder that gets sprinkled into your garden soil.  These simple steps will help to ensure a season of healthy blossoms like you’ve never experienced before.

This quick tutorial is a real find for everyone who loves a beautiful and healthy garden.

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