What Does Your Finger Shape Reveal About You?

There are many ways in which an individual’s personality has been linked to various personal physical attributes. However, there is one body part that stands out above all the rest, and that is our hands. For example, we often compare and contrast left handed people with individuals who are right hand dominant.

Alternatively, in palmistry the lines on the palms of our hands are closely examined, which can indicate our character traits, personality, and destiny in life. Our hands seem to hold the most information about our lives and they reveal subtle clues in regards to the way we act, make choices, and behave in general.

Another way in which we can analyze our personalities is by looking at the shape of our fingers. You can do this yourself by simply analyzing your fingers and comparing them against the illustration to see if A, B, or C matches up the best with them. Once you choose the closest match it will reveal certain personality aspects that are commonly associated with your finger shape.

The type A finger shape is relatively straight, which corresponds with the following:

– You hide your feelings and don’t like to show outward emotion, yet you’re emotional on the inside – Instead, you pretend to be cool, calm, and collected at all times and like to portray yourself as independent and strong, even if you are not. – You dislike lies and deception, and prefer the truth and fairness.

– You like to laugh, even when nothing is funny, are eccentric, arrogant, helpful, and kind hearted.

– When you first meet someone new you are distant and cold, but once you get to know someone you’re very open and warm.

Type B people have slightly crooked, irregular shaped fingers, which corresponds to:

– You are passive when meeting new people and leave it up to them to make the initial approach.

– You’re a daydreamer with an active imagination, and when you feel hurt you act like you’re okay

– Once you make up your mind to do something you almost always follow through and complete it

– Even though you are the sensitive type, you don’t appear to be so, because you often play off your sensitive side by pretending to not know things in an attempt to protect someone’s feelings.

If you have a type C finger shape, that bulges slightly in the mid section, it corresponds with:

– You have a strong distaste for challenges and don’t deal well with unfamiliar things

– When it comes to other people’s opinions you are respectful and you don’t like to play pretend

– You know what you like and don’t like, can be overbearing at times, are easily touched, and keep your feelings and emotions to yourself.

– You hate being in a fight and rarely stay mad at someone. Instead you forgive easily when someone apologizes, but have to watch yourself because you have a sensitive heart and can be easily hurt.

Check out the short video for more personality information on each of the three types and see if what they reveal about personality traits matches up to yours. This is a fun, easy, and different way to take a moment to yourself in which you can reflect upon, and dig a little deeper into, what makes you who you are! As always, have fun and enjoy!

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