Single Mom Of 4 Kids Couldn’t Pay For Her Groceries. Now Watch What The Guy Behind Her Does! Wow!

Everyday we watch the news and see an unending barrage of man’s inhumanity to man.  It has truly become unbearable to hear of one more act of violence, bullying or indifference.  Small acts of kindness go on every day in our world, but rarely are they reported by the media.

I believe that we not only need to hear about the positive, but need to remain conscious of others’ misfortunes so that we can make a difference. The video you are about to watch below addresses just this topic.  Have you ever gone through an embarrassing moment at a grocery checkout when you are short of money?

Can you imagine if you relied on food stamps and still couldn’t pay at  the checkout, and you were a single mother of four?  It is heart wrenching to watch people unable to feed their children.  What would you do if a single mother came up short when you were behind her on a checkout line?

Such a scenario was set up in a “Watch what Happens” episode, with actors portraying the struggling single mother.  Do you think that people offered to help, or did they pretend they didn’t notice?  Watch what happens when an actor playing a bully starts mouthing off about the unfortunate woman?

The footage below is incredibly eye-opening.  Let us know what you think about this.  What would you do if faced with such a scenario? Watch the video below and let us know!

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