If You Spot One of These Hooks In a Public Restroom Call The Police Right Away!

image via – youtube

According to CBS Miami, hooks have been discovered inside the stalls of women’s public bathrooms, which turned out to harbor a hidden camera inside of the top hook..

As you will hear in the video below, which shows what the invasive hooks look like, to please report anything seen that looks suspicious. The hidden camera is inside the top of the hook.

The Florida police are collecting forensic evidence, from several park bathrooms that were around 100 miles apart.  Whether there is one culprit or not, remains to be seen.  However as we all know, although knowledge is power, having this information out there will lead to “copy cat” behavior.  Women all over the country should be aware of what these hooks look like, so that this horrible invasion of privacy is stopped.  The footage below will give you more information about what to look out for.

Please SHARE this important information with your family and friends; we all need to PROTECT OUR PRIVACY!