If You Spot One of These Hooks In a Public Restroom Call The Police Right Away!

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According to CBS Miami, hooks have been discovered inside the stalls of women’s public bathrooms, which turned out to harbor a hidden camera inside of the top hook..

As you will hear in the video below, which shows what the invasive hooks look like, to please report anything seen that looks suspicious. The hidden camera is inside the top of the hook.

The Florida police are collecting forensic evidence, from several park bathrooms that were around 100 miles apart.  Whether there is one culprit or not, remains to be seen.  However as we all know, although knowledge is power, having this information out there will lead to “copy cat” behavior.  Women all over the country should be aware of what these hooks look like, so that this horrible invasion of privacy is stopped.  The footage below will give you more information about what to look out for.

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This Man Flies A Drone Over Auschwitz. What The Camera Caught Gave Me Chills..

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What you are about to watch in the footage below is haunting.  I have always been hesitant to make a trip to visit any of the concentration camps, where millions of people were exterminated during World War II, as I feared being overwhelmed by fear and sadness..

While watching this video in which a drone flew over Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp, it brought up much of what I imagined. People do, in fact, visit this former prison which is now a World Heritage Site.  More than 1 million people, the majority of whom were Jews, died at this “most deadly place on earth” in only 5 years, from 1940-1945.

The drone travels from the train tracks which carried the unsuspecting victims into the camp from all over the Nazi occupied places in Europe.  You will see the entry sign, which reads “Arbeit Macht Frei”; it translates into “Work Sets You Free” which was the ultimate lie, as the sole purpose of the camp was to exterminate all the people.

Although Auschwitz was the place of nightmares for the more than 1 million people who were gassed, and for the very few who survived, it stands as a reminder run by the Polish Culture Ministry.  It’s importance lies, in it’s stark and frightening reality of what can happen, when the very worst forms of demagoguery, nationalism, fear and hatred come to rule.

Watch the footage below to see what only the very few survived during some of the darkest days known to mankind.

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Video: This Guy Takes His Camera and Zooms In On The Moon. What He Caught Is Incredible!

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When he zoomed in on the moon, I was amazed by what I saw! I have seen lots of photographs of the moon, many even taken through telescopes, but this beats them all! Like everyone else on the planet, I find the moon to be quite pleasing to observe. Even without magnification, the earth’s most intimate heavenly body is breathtaking.

Somehow, it just never gets old. Regardless of whether it is a new moon, full moon, or anything in between, our glorious moon has captured the collective heart and imagination of humanity since the dawn of our kind.

Using a Nikon P900 camera with an 83x optical zoom, the photographer starts the shot with the moon just as one might see it with their naked eye. But then the magic begins: as he zooms in, the moon grows larger and larger until it completely fills the frame. The detail is incredible!

He zooms in so close, you can actually see the movement of the moon as it spins in orbit around the earth, and as the earth rotates around its own axis. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he zooms in even more, showing in incredible detail the craters where asteroids and meteors have struck the surface!

I hope you enjoy this amazing video as much as I did. The moon is seen as a spiritual being in many cultures and has a huge influence on our lives. Without it, we literally would not exist, at least not on this planet.

The moon is so close to the earth that its gravity pulls the oceans towards itself, causing the tides. The tides, in turn, make life as we know it possible.

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They Strapped A Camera Onto THIS Stray Dog’s Collar. What It Caught Tore My Heart Up!

This is a heart wrenching video taped by a go pro camera that was strapped to a dog’s neck in Mumbai, India. It shows an abridged version of a day in the life of a stray in the populated city. The dog frantically wanders the streets in search of nourishment and shelter, but instead he encountered numerous assaults.

More than once people dump water on the dog, they hit and kick it, push it around, honk at it, and other dogs attack it. It even appears as though the dog was hit by a van at the end of the video. From a pet-loving standpoint, this video is terrifying.

We like to think of our canines as cute and cuddly, well-loved and taken care of, however, in the densely packed city of Mumbai, the vast quantity of dogs on the street are a nuisance. Thousands of people are bitten every year by the undomesticated animals.

The dogs get into trash, generally making a mess of things, so it is no wonder why people are driven to disregard and mistreat them.The good news is that there are people out there trying to help. Many organizations have been established for the sole purpose of saving the street dogs.

Although there are street-dwelling people who care for the free-range animals, and there is abundant food for them in the form of dead carcasses and human scraps, the dog’s lives are not what you would call comfortable, so the organizations are aiming to improve the situation. The dogs are being put up for adoption to get them the care they need.

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Students Sent A Balloon With A Camera Into Space. But 2 Years Later They Reveal Its Beautiful Story.

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Sometimes things and events that seem absolutely random in and of themselves can end up coming together to form one heck of a story. Whether it is truly random or fated to happen, this is one of those strange turn of events that turned out for the best.

In June a group of students sent a balloon to the edge of space over the Grand Canyon. Despite having planned out the detailed launch, and anticipating where it would eventually land, they were never able to find and recover the craft and the camera or cell phone attached to it.

However, two years later an eagle-eyed hiker in Arizona happened upon the wreckage and the long lost footage was found. The students put together a detailed video and shared it on YouTube so the world could enjoy the beautiful sights that were captured.

The short clip walks the viewer through the background events and all of the preparations that led up to the big launch. First the students tested the balloon with a parachute flight test by dropping it from a height off the ground.

Then they did trajectory planning, made computer models, planned out a custom designed structure, and printed it out in 3D. Finally the day came to send it up into space. The students started out on the road at nine in the morning and headed to a launch site 20 miles west of the Grand Canyon.

There they assembled the balloon and made some last minute adjustments to the spacecraft, switching on the GoPro Hero3 and cell phone which were attached to the chassis. At 10:46 it was launched and less than ten minutes later the balloon had already reached an altitude of 22,967 feet, which put it at a distance of 7 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

By the time an hour and twelve minutes had elapsed, the balloon was 86,558 feet up (26.4km). From that height the enormous Grand Canyon looks like a tiny feature way below on the Earth’s surface, and the curvature of the planet is clear to see. As the balloon spins around you can even catch a glimpse of the moon far off in the distance.

An hour and 27 minutes after launch the balloon reached its highest elevation, 98,660 feet (30.1km), and a clearer view of the Grand Canyon below is shown. That’s also when the craft began its violent descent back to Earth as slow motion reveals the moment the balloon popped and flew away from it.

By the time it landed upside down back on Earth’s surface among some dry grass scrub a full hour and 38 minutes had gone by. The video includes the computer models which show the launch and landing sites relative to the Grand Canyon, and the flight path trajectory as well. Despite these calculations and all of the planning, the students were unable to find the remains of their craft and the video of its journey.

Two years later the camera was found and picked up by a hiker in Arizona who tracked down and returned the footage to the team who launched it. They were able to recover the incredible video and the stunning images that it captured along its epic journey into the stratosphere and back down.

The reason why it was lost in the first place was because there was no cell phone coverage in the area it landed, which the students were relying on to track it down. They had looked at inaccurate coverage maps provided by AT&T and thus the cell never received a signal when it came back to Earth.

The hiker who found the wreckage ironically worked at AT&T. She brought it to a company store and they identified the phones SIM card and tracked down the owner to send back the footage. Check out the awe inspiring film and revel in the beauty that is our home, planet Earth!

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