Watch This Strange Wolf Mouse Howling At The Moon

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Grasshopper wolf mice are not the typical, low key, breadcrumb-eating type of mice you imagine when thinking about the furry little rodents. If anything they are quite the opposite; loud, aggressive, and carnivorous. The video clip from National Geographic shows one of the mice howling at the moon as if it were a wolf. At the 24 second mark the mouse raises up on his rear paws, perfectly set against the moon in the background.

He throws back his head, raises his nose in the air, then lets out an eerie, high pitched noise called a “howl.” The sound is his way of protecting and staking his territory and it also typically occurs once they have killed something. That is the reason why the noise is called a “howl” and why the rodents are also known as howling wolf mice.

The peculiar species of mice calls the southern desert areas of the United States, as well as northern Mexico, home. They are extremely territorial and work hard to protect large tracts of land, averaging 28 acres, from other rival Grasshopper mice.

They can be found stalking their prey with a technique that is best described as cat-like, since they hunt by quietly sneaking up on their victims and quickly pounce when they go in for the kill (source: Wikipedia). These types of hunting skills are necessary for their survival since their diet is mainly carnivorous and they prey upon poisonous snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas whose poisonous stings or bites they are immune to.

To supplement those meals they eat various types of insects, worms, grasshoppers, beetles, and even other mice. Not only are they immune to the otherwise lethal venom of scorpions, they also use the venom of certain types as a painkiller.

Their brains get tricked by the venom and in turn will switch off pain receptors in their bodies, which gives them a huge survival advantage.

All in all, the humble little Grasshopper mouse is not something you’d want to mess with. They are tough as nails and more than well adapted to their environment, which is one of the least hospitable on Earth.

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Full Harvest Moon On Friday The 13th: Prepare For a Big Energy Shift.

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A beautiful, awe-inspiring, stunning full moon will soon be lighting up the night sky on this coming Friday The 13th. The September Full Harvest Moon in Pisces is set to stun and leave powerful energy all across the globe, but not because of what you’re likely assuming, but rather due to the cosmic shift in energy that will be accompanying it. Because this moon is on Friday The 13th maybe you should keep an eye out for witches, black cats and of course werewolves! (just kidding kind of. . .)

The moon is called the Harvest Moon because unlike other moons whose names coincide with a particular month; the harvest moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox.  The Harvest Moon can happen either in September or October depending on the year. For the most part however, the Harvest Moon does tend to happen in September.

As with almost all of the other full moon names, like April’s Full Pink moon January’s Full Wolf moon, they were derived from seasonal occurrences that Native American’s observed happening in nature around them when the moon was at its fullest point. This moon not only gets it’s name from the Native Americans but it also is derived from farmers.

The reason for the name Harvest Moon, is because back in the day farmers noticed that the night sky would be brighter and they would have more light to work with being that the moonrise happens immediately after sunset! This extra light, would help them work the crops later into the evening and for the harvest.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, full moons seem to have some of the strangest effects on our lives. It’s no secret that a full moon brings out the crazy and wild in people, hence the word lunatic which was originally used by ancient Greeks to refer to madness and epilepsy that they believed were specifically caused by the moon.

During this particular moon, keep in mind it’s also Friday The 13th so people could potentially act even whackier than usual.. For years doctors, cops, nurses and firemen have all noticed a sharp uptick in crime, fires and a rise in hospital emergency room visits on nights featuring full moons. The reason for this has yet to fully be explained, but you ask any healthcare worker, policeman or firemen what are the most busy days of the month and they will always tell you during the full moon!

There is simply something about them that gets to people, but it isn’t always negative, it’s just that the bad tends to stick out and make the headlines more than the good, as is often the case in today’s modern world. If you see someone in need, help them out, be kind and above all us try not to be mean or cruel to anyone.

At the end of the day, full moons are essentially times of heightened energy and it all depends on how you channel that energy. You can either use it for nefarious purposes or you can put it towards bettering both your life and yourself! I recommend the latter because in general we all need to be more kind to one another especially these days when everyone just seems to bickering about everything.

If you choose to welcome the shift with a positive attitude, equally positive effects can be gained from it. Below is a general overview of all the best things that this Full Harvest Moon in Pisces is expected to feature and what you should aim to focus on doing in order to bring in the positivity and not let the negativity tear you down!

Follow Your Intuition. In the days ahead if you suddenly have a gut feeling about something, go with it and don’t second-guess yourself. Full moons are a heightened time where we tend to be more deeply connected to our inner selves, whether it be our wants, needs, desires, intentions, or beyond. Especially with this particular Full Moon where renewal will be one of the biggest things to look for.

There’s never a better time than now to listen to your instincts and follow through with them. A lot of things that you have repressed and put deep down inside may become exposed during this moon. Be mindful of this and try not to get caught off guard if you start to feel negativity. All that junk that has been trapped inside you will now surface, it’s up to you to just let it go..

Let Go Of What Is Holding You Back. Facing the truth and owning up to whatever problems or issues that may be plaguing your life right now will help lift the burden they’re placing on your health and progress moving forward. In astrology the full moon has long been viewed as a time for starting over and new beginnings so use it to close one chapter of your life and open the next.

Awaken and Realize. A wave of conscious awareness that leads to meaningful self-discoveries is a prominent feature of this September Full Harvest Moon shift. Use this time to re-center yourself and find balance in your life. Remember, that all the baggage and negativity that you tucked deep down inside of your soul will now be exposed, so instead of fighting it, shed it and just let the pain go..

Be Social. Many areas of communication in our lives will be highlighted in the days before and after the full moon. Now is the ideal time to catch up with friends, family, and loved ones and to re-connect. Reach out to people you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile and catch up because you’ll be buzzing with things to talk about and your social/communication skills will be spot on and sharp as ever.

Try Something New. This Full Harvest Moon will be associated with rebirth, new life paths, new beginnings, and starting fresh. If there is something that you have wanted to try out for awhile now but never got the chance to, then go for it and just do it! Be mindful though that because of the increased energy you could potentially feel more agitated due to things in your subconscious being revealed.

Whether it be taking up a new hobby, tending to your garden, learning a new language, starting a new diet or fitness plan, or anything else that interests you, make it a point to commit to it. Stop making excuses and don’t let anything or anybody get in your way. Use the buzz that’s in the air to re-focus and charge yourself up, and there’s no better time than now to do that!

As you can see, the shift in energy accompanying the September Full Harvest Moon will be positive for the most part. If you go with the flow and don’t fight against the universe, you’ll end up being better connected with yourself and the people in your life. So relax, breathe steady, and get ready to usher in the shift with an open optimistic attitude and positive mind-set.

This full moon also takes place in the Constellation Phoenix and you guessed it just like in popular greek and other old civilizations the Phoenix has always represented a rise from the ashes, adding power, ambitions, renewal and rebirth. Use your increased emotional strength and gut instincts to guide you through the shift as weigh end summer and reign in Autumn!

In one word in the comments section let us know how you feel right now with this Full Harvest Moon on Friday The 13th so close: 

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Rare Lunar Eclipse During Capricorn: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On July 16-17 2019

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There will be a Lunar Eclipse on July 16-17 2019. The eclipse will be visible for those in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia so sky gazers across the world can look up to watch it, weather permitting. Also don’t worry if you aren’t in one of these areas, we will be streaming it live on Sun Gazing as long as weather permits. This is going to be totally awesome. During the eclipse the moon will appear to be cast in subtle, silvery darkness, as the Earth’s shadow falls upon it.

Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, Earth, and moon all line up in that respective order. As the moon passes behind our planet and enters into the Earth’s umbra, its shadow, the resulting alignment causes the shadow to fall upon the moon, making it noticeably appear a few shades darker. Lunar eclipses are always so magical and we are all in for quite the treat!

From a historical perspective, the full moon in July is traditionally known as the Full Buck Moon. However, what is even more interesting are the astrological implications of this month’s Full Buck Moon and Lunar Eclipse taking place in Capricorn. The celestial events usher in a time for changes and new beginnings and the resulting shift in energy will have a profound impact on people’s lives. So while this month’s beautiful eclipse may be fleeting, in the weeks and months ahead you will end up feeling its effects in a very meaningful way!

Even though each and every one of us will experience a personal change, which may be slight or life-altering, here are the more significant ways in which this lunar eclipse may affect us: Many of us will find a renewed sense of purpose and direction within ourselves, the type of which has been lacking in our lives lately. Eclipses are always times of powerful change and this one is highlighted by the fact that it occurs in Capricorn.

As such, Capricorns are driven, hard workers and have a never give up mentality. They are perceptive, grounded, sensitive, practical and disciplined.  When these traits of a Capricorn are combined with this new sense of purpose, expect a lot of people to finally take back control of their lives and futures. There will be lots of change coming in the next few weeks to months. So strap on your seat belts and get ready to launch.

On a related level, many of us will also begin to stop caring so much about what other people think of us and the decisions we make. We will let go and simply trust in the path we are choosing to push forward on. Where in the past we’d be held back by opinions and judgments coming from others, such things will no longer have any negative or preventative effects on us. With the shift in energy comes a shift in our thinking and we’ll start deciding things on our own, for ourselves.

Some people will be more confident and conscious of their choices. Whether it be a major life decision or a seemingly inconsequential one, they will go with their gut feelings and stick with whatever it is they decide. This will be due in part to a major re-focus in our self-awareness and a more balanced, internal centering that we will turn inwards on ourselves. As a result, we’ll be entering a much happier and more enlightened phase of our lives.

A lot of us will find that things are finally coming to an end and are being completed. This is a very broad and general effect lunar eclipses always seem to usher in, and as such the sense of finality may appear in essentially any area of our lives. It may manifest as a relationship that has finally burned itself out and now you can move on from it, or perhaps you’ll wrap up a project that you’ve been working on for ages. Regardless of where these endings occur, they will mark the last of things which are over and done with! It always feels good to say goodbye and now you can move on to bigger and better things!

Those are just a few of the stronger effects that the Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse may have on any one of us. Overall, the lunar events mark the beginning of a number of transformations that we will each go through in the year ahead, and it has only just gotten started!

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Video: This Guy Takes His Camera and Zooms In On The Moon. What He Caught Is Incredible!

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When he zoomed in on the moon, I was amazed by what I saw! I have seen lots of photographs of the moon, many even taken through telescopes, but this beats them all! Like everyone else on the planet, I find the moon to be quite pleasing to observe. Even without magnification, the earth’s most intimate heavenly body is breathtaking.

Somehow, it just never gets old. Regardless of whether it is a new moon, full moon, or anything in between, our glorious moon has captured the collective heart and imagination of humanity since the dawn of our kind.

Using a Nikon P900 camera with an 83x optical zoom, the photographer starts the shot with the moon just as one might see it with their naked eye. But then the magic begins: as he zooms in, the moon grows larger and larger until it completely fills the frame. The detail is incredible!

He zooms in so close, you can actually see the movement of the moon as it spins in orbit around the earth, and as the earth rotates around its own axis. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he zooms in even more, showing in incredible detail the craters where asteroids and meteors have struck the surface!

I hope you enjoy this amazing video as much as I did. The moon is seen as a spiritual being in many cultures and has a huge influence on our lives. Without it, we literally would not exist, at least not on this planet.

The moon is so close to the earth that its gravity pulls the oceans towards itself, causing the tides. The tides, in turn, make life as we know it possible.

Let us know what you think about this incredible video!

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