Video: This Guy Takes His Camera and Zooms In On The Moon. What He Caught Is Incredible!

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When he zoomed in on the moon, I was amazed by what I saw! I have seen lots of photographs of the moon, many even taken through telescopes, but this beats them all! Like everyone else on the planet, I find the moon to be quite pleasing to observe. Even without magnification, the earth’s most intimate heavenly body is breathtaking.

Somehow, it just never gets old. Regardless of whether it is a new moon, full moon, or anything in between, our glorious moon has captured the collective heart and imagination of humanity since the dawn of our kind.

Using a Nikon P900 camera with an 83x optical zoom, the photographer starts the shot with the moon just as one might see it with their naked eye. But then the magic begins: as he zooms in, the moon grows larger and larger until it completely fills the frame. The detail is incredible!

He zooms in so close, you can actually see the movement of the moon as it spins in orbit around the earth, and as the earth rotates around its own axis. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he zooms in even more, showing in incredible detail the craters where asteroids and meteors have struck the surface!

I hope you enjoy this amazing video as much as I did. The moon is seen as a spiritual being in many cultures and has a huge influence on our lives. Without it, we literally would not exist, at least not on this planet.

The moon is so close to the earth that its gravity pulls the oceans towards itself, causing the tides. The tides, in turn, make life as we know it possible.

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