Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift On July 2-3 2019

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Get ready for the start of new beginnings as a new emotional cycle accompanied by a shift in energy is coming our way! That’s because this Tuesday/Wednesday, July 2-3, 2019 the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse will be taking place in Cancer. While the eclipse will only be visible over the skies of South Pacific, New Zealand Chile and Argentina. Solar eclipses and new moons alike mark both the end of one energy cycle and the beginning of a new one. This second Solar Eclipse of 2019 will mark the beginning of many major celestial events in this upcoming year..

This upcoming solar eclipse will effect more changes than usual because it falls in Cancer just as it joins up with Planet Uranus and Stars in the Gemini Constellation, which will trigger an uptick in our emotional sensitivity. Cancers are well known for being intuitive, wise, creative, emotionally sensitive, and the sign also happens to be ruled by the moon. As such, a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer will have a profound effect on our lives from a spiritual perspective, which is covered in more depth below.

On Tuesday-Wednesday the solar eclipse taking place will be a total solar eclipse which will be in between the planets Uranus and Stars in Gemini contributing powerful energies as well. Solar eclipses can only take place during a new moon and when it’s lined up evenly with the sun and the Earth, which is called syzygy.

While the majority of us won’t be witnessing the incredible sight in person, we will nonetheless be feeling the effects from it in our own personal and profound way. For some the impact will be momentous and even life-altering, for others less so, only time will tell what the cosmos have in store for us all. Even so, here are some of the more widespread and influential ways in which the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer may end up affecting us:

Many people will experience a series of new beginnings in their life! It will be a great time to start a new business project or relationship. New thought patterns, ideas and beliefs will begin to manifest as well. If you take it all in stride and adopt the open mantra ‘out with the old, in with the new’ then you can make the most out of these changes. For people who are starting new businesses this will an especially productive and good time to start.

This is also a great time for us all to be looking ahead and focusing on our hopes and dreams for the future. Think about what you hope to accomplish in the coming months, write it down, then go forth and make it happen! With Uranus and The Stars In The Constellation Gemini dominating this eclipse, good fortune, luck, and prosperity are all highlighted. There’s no better time to manifest happiness and make your dreams a reality.

Some people will make valuable connections and enter into new partnerships with influential businesses and people. Relationships will feature centrally here, both personal and public types, and so long as you remain open to ideas and mutually supportive of your counterparts, things should turn out equally beneficial for everyone involved.

Many people will feel more touchy and emotionally sensitive than usual. Rather than this being negative, it will help them to turn inwards and become more self-aware of what they want and are capable of. With increased conscious awareness comes greater feelings of empathy, understanding, and compassion for others. They’ll be more relatable and willing to help others who may need it, which is always a wonderful trait to have.

Some people will finally begin to think positively and will learn to view the world around them in a more different, and highly meaningful, light. Perhaps they’ll discover a newfound purpose or develop a renewed sense of hope and joy within themselves. Whatever it may be, the positive vibes they end up radiating will extend naturally to others surrounding them. In turn, people will seek them out for advice and will love spending time with them.

There are many other subtle ways in which this Tuesday-Wednesdays Total Solar Eclipse may end up affecting you. While it varies widely from person to person, knowing what to generally expect from the shift can help keep you focused and grounded. Don’t fight the changes it’s ushering in, rather be one with the universe and flow with it. In the end you’ll be a better, stronger, and more balanced person for it, and who wouldn’t want that?!

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Rare Full Blue Moon: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On May 18-19 2019

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The May Full Blue Moon will illuminate the night sky during May 18-19, 2019! This moon is a strange one because it is the exception to the usual “Blue Moon” rule which states a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a single month. However, this Blue Moon is the one strange exception.

The reason the May Full Moon is considered a Blue Moon is because it’s the third full moon out of four in a single season. For the most part each season of the year usually only has three full moons. This season we get our fourth and final full moon on June 17, 2019 the Full Strawberry Moon!

There will be a variety of interesting changes taking place and all of us will be affected by them in one way or another. While you could just go with the flow, you can also harness the full moon’s power and use the vibrational shift to your advantage to help bring about some positive changes in your life and current routine.

Full moons represent a peak and they’ve always been associated with a sense of heightened energy and excitement. Many weird and inexplicable things tend to either coincide with them or happen around the same time as well. People and animals suddenly act strange, even crazy, when the moon is full.

In fact, the term ‘lunacy’ stems from the craziness that accompanies a full moon because it refers to periodic instances of insanity. Hundreds of years ago it was widely observed that the full moon lunar phase affected people’s behavior and minds, making them act temporarily like lunatics!

While full moon madness has yet to be scientifically proven real, the full moon shift has been astrologically established since ancient times. This rare May Full Blue Moon is in Scorpio, which means it will bring about a very active, expressive, and potentially self-centered and egoistic type of energy. The different sides of personality that Scorpio represents will also be brought to the forefront and this will spark a burst of energy and change.

By embracing and taking control of the energy shift, you can benefit from its effects and make some positive life changes. Scorpios are known for a number of strong qualities and by tapping into them you can get the most of out of this May’s Full Blue Moon! Below is a rundown of the top things you should aim to do and focus on:

Communicate: All areas of communication will be highlighted in the days leading up to and following the full moon. Now is the time to get stuff off your chest or finally have that conversation you’ve been putting off. Perhaps you simply need to catch up with old friends and family members, if so then now is the ideal time to reach out. Whatever the case may be, with the moon in Scorpio your social and communication skills will be extra sharp and spot on.

Express Yourself: Not all communication is verbal. Instead of words, let your actions, style, and behavior do the talking for you! Just whatever you do, don’t take it too far or be too bold and aggressive. Sometimes the slightest, most subtle hint can make the strongest impact. If you want to effect a lasting difference, read the scene or situation before making a move.

Don’t Go To The Dark Side: Stay positive and mindful of your attitude and strive to maintain personal balance. Scorpios sometimes have a tendency to develop a dual nature. Make it a goal to be as fair, honest, and consistent as can be, and you’ll be golden during this rare Full Blue Moon in May.

Be Mindful: Not only about what you do, but also about what you say. Since communication is being highlighted during this May Full Blue Moon, you’re likely going to be engaged in lots of conversations and sometimes those can lead down an ugly path.

Try to avoid getting into arguments or fights and try not to gossip because even if you don’t mean to be rude or mean, you may come off that way. And remember, karma is a real thing so always treat others with respect, even if they talk down to you. In the end, you’ll be the better person for it.

There you have it! This May Full Blue Moon will bring out the best side and possibly the worst sides that Scorpios have to offer. If you’re able to connect with the surrounding energy and tap into it then all of the curious, positive, social aspects of the sign will shine forth. So relax and go with the flow! Enjoy!

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He Thought He Was Recording The Northern Lights. But The Camera Caught This Unexpected Surprise!

When you watch videos on the internet, the words awesome and mind-blowing are certainly overused, yet there are no better adjectives to describe the footage you are about to view. You may have seen photos of the Northern Lights, but to actually have the privilege of viewing a video, is a humbling experience.

Witnessing aurora borealis is very difficult; it requires being at extreme northern or southern latitudes. The filmmaker who posted this footage, never expected to get such dramatic footage, when he made the voyage to capture the Northern Lights.

The ‘light show’ you are about to see in the upcoming video, not only lit up the sky but is like an actual moving piece of art. What was caught was equivalent to a Northern Lights superstorm, that keeps changing shape. Mother Nature at her absolute finest.

As if this wasn’t enough, the finale includes a shooting star! Listening to the excitement of the filmmaker and his crew as they watch this magnificent show, makes it all the more thrilling to watch. This is quite a gift that he is able to share with the world. It is so well-filmed that it actually feels like you are seeing this in real time!

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Rare Total Lunar Eclipse During Leo: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On January 21 2019

To start off 2019 the Celestial Skies have a treat for us on the night of January 21, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse taking place on a Full Wolf Super Moon. The eclipse will be visible for those in North and South America, and Western Africa and Europe so sky gazers across the world can look up to watch it, weather permitting. During the eclipse the moon will appear to be cast in subtle, silvery darkness, as the Earth’s shadow falls upon it.

Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, Earth, and moon all line up in that respective order. As the moon passes behind our planet and enters into the Earth’s umbra, its shadow, the resulting alignment causes the shadow to fall upon the moon, making it noticeably appear a few shades darker. Because this is a Total Lunar eclipse we are in for quite the show!

From a historical perspective, the full moon in January is traditionally known as a wolf moon. However, what is even more interesting are the astrological implications of this month’s full wolf moon and lunar eclipse taking place in Leo. The celestial events usher in a time for changes and new beginnings and the resulting shift in energy will have a profound impact on people’s lives. So while this month’s beautiful eclipse may be fleeting, in the weeks and months ahead you will end up feeling its effects in a very meaningful way!

Even though each and every one of us will experience a personal change, which may be slight or life-altering, here are the more significant ways in which this lunar eclipse may affect us: Many of us will find a renewed sense of purpose and direction within ourselves, the type of which has been lacking in our lives lately. Eclipses are always times of powerful change and this one is highlighted by the fact that it occurs in Leo.

As such, the fiery, passionate, dominant characteristics of the noble and courageous leader that Leo embodies will be at the forefront of even the most timid person’s personality. When the influential traits of Leo are combined with this new sense of purpose, expect a lot of people to finally take back control of their lives and futures.

On a related level, many of us will also begin to stop caring so much about what other people think of us and the decisions we make. We will let go and simply trust in the path we are choosing to push forward on. Where in the past we’d be held back by opinions and judgments coming from others, such things will no longer have any negative or preventative effects on us. With the shift in energy comes a shift in our thinking and we’ll start deciding things on our own, for ourselves.

Some people will be more confident and conscious of their choices. Whether it be a major life decision or a seemingly inconsequential one, they will go with their gut feelings and stick with whatever it is they decide. This will be due in part to a major re-focus in our self-awareness and a more balanced, internal centering that we will turn inwards on ourselves. As a result, we’ll be entering a much happier and more enlightened phase of our lives.

A lot of us will find that things are finally coming to an end and are being completed. This is a very broad and general effect lunar eclipses always seem to usher in, and as such the sense of finality may appear in essentially any area of our lives. It may manifest as a relationship that has finally burned itself out and now you can move on from it, or perhaps you’ll wrap up a project that you’ve been working on for ages. Regardless of where these endings occur, they will mark the last of things which are over and done with! It always feels good to say goodbye and now you can move on to bigger and better things.

Those are just a few of the stronger effects that the full wolf moon total lunar eclipse may have on any one of us. Overall, the lunar events mark the beginning of a number of transformations that we will each go through in the year ahead, and it has only just gotten started! NOTE: If trouble viewing turn your Mobile Device or iPad Horizontal!

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Students Sent A Balloon With A Camera Into Space. But 2 Years Later They Reveal Its Beautiful Story.

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Sometimes things and events that seem absolutely random in and of themselves can end up coming together to form one heck of a story. Whether it is truly random or fated to happen, this is one of those strange turn of events that turned out for the best.

In June a group of students sent a balloon to the edge of space over the Grand Canyon. Despite having planned out the detailed launch, and anticipating where it would eventually land, they were never able to find and recover the craft and the camera or cell phone attached to it.

However, two years later an eagle-eyed hiker in Arizona happened upon the wreckage and the long lost footage was found. The students put together a detailed video and shared it on YouTube so the world could enjoy the beautiful sights that were captured.

The short clip walks the viewer through the background events and all of the preparations that led up to the big launch. First the students tested the balloon with a parachute flight test by dropping it from a height off the ground.

Then they did trajectory planning, made computer models, planned out a custom designed structure, and printed it out in 3D. Finally the day came to send it up into space. The students started out on the road at nine in the morning and headed to a launch site 20 miles west of the Grand Canyon.

There they assembled the balloon and made some last minute adjustments to the spacecraft, switching on the GoPro Hero3 and cell phone which were attached to the chassis. At 10:46 it was launched and less than ten minutes later the balloon had already reached an altitude of 22,967 feet, which put it at a distance of 7 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

By the time an hour and twelve minutes had elapsed, the balloon was 86,558 feet up (26.4km). From that height the enormous Grand Canyon looks like a tiny feature way below on the Earth’s surface, and the curvature of the planet is clear to see. As the balloon spins around you can even catch a glimpse of the moon far off in the distance.

An hour and 27 minutes after launch the balloon reached its highest elevation, 98,660 feet (30.1km), and a clearer view of the Grand Canyon below is shown. That’s also when the craft began its violent descent back to Earth as slow motion reveals the moment the balloon popped and flew away from it.

By the time it landed upside down back on Earth’s surface among some dry grass scrub a full hour and 38 minutes had gone by. The video includes the computer models which show the launch and landing sites relative to the Grand Canyon, and the flight path trajectory as well. Despite these calculations and all of the planning, the students were unable to find the remains of their craft and the video of its journey.

Two years later the camera was found and picked up by a hiker in Arizona who tracked down and returned the footage to the team who launched it. They were able to recover the incredible video and the stunning images that it captured along its epic journey into the stratosphere and back down.

The reason why it was lost in the first place was because there was no cell phone coverage in the area it landed, which the students were relying on to track it down. They had looked at inaccurate coverage maps provided by AT&T and thus the cell never received a signal when it came back to Earth.

The hiker who found the wreckage ironically worked at AT&T. She brought it to a company store and they identified the phones SIM card and tracked down the owner to send back the footage. Check out the awe inspiring film and revel in the beauty that is our home, planet Earth!

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Rare Giant Equinox Supermoon During Libra: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On March 20 2019

With all the crazy unexpected things that are happening in the world lately, the upcoming supermoon set to happen on March 20th will finally give us something that we can all look forward to seeing. The full moon that rises in the night sky will be a truly spectacular sight to behold, one that is actually worthy of our attention and appreciation. That’s because the moon will shine brighter and appear larger than usual and it is coincides with the Spring Equinox!

The rare March Equinox Supermoon in Libra has a full moon that comes very close to Earth. If you’re wondering what it takes for the moon to attain supermoon status, it’s the right combination of the location, timing, and phase of the moon.

First and foremost, the moon has to be in either its illuminated full moon phase or the dark and entirely invisible new moon phase. Then the moon’s orbit must bring it around to the one exact point where it comes closest to the Earth. Finally, there is the timing and these two factors must closely coincide with one another for the moon to be called a supermoon.

While all full supermoons appear super-sized and much larger and brighter than usual size, this March one is extra special because it’s happening during the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

There are many other implications which are linked to this special lunar event beyond the scientific meanings, and perhaps the biggest one is the cosmic shift in energy that will accompany it. Astrologically speaking, the March supermoon will occur when the sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Libra. This brings to the forefront a sort of tug of war between the emotional, sensitive, and intense Pisces energy and the responsible, stability craving Libra. The resulting clash will create a burst of energy which you can either embrace and grow with, or oppose and struggle against.

check out this video below to see what you can expect:

If you choose to welcome the shift with a positive attitude then equally positive effects can be gained from it. Below is a quick overview of all the best things this supermoon in Libra features:

It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and how to best achieve them. Whatever it is that you may be striving towards will need to be tweaked and minor adjustments should be made in order to keep them within sight and reach. The practical and responsible side of Libra will aid you in making the best possible choices so don’t put off your goal re-assessment because now is the time for it!

It’s a time to stay grounded – Don’t let a sense of self-importance or entitlement get the best of you and drag you down. Instead, stay conscious and present, be aware of your ego and don’t get caught up in it. If you stay grounded and stable then everything will go a lot smoother.

There will be a noticeable change in many of us in the days leading up to March 20th and you’re likely going to feel much more emotional than usual. All full moons tend to bring out the crazy side of people, hence the term lunacy, but the extreme proximity of this supermoon will end up supercharging our feeling and emotions. By being aware of this you’ll be better prepared to stay grounded, as mentioned above, and the moon won’t end up wreaking havoc on your emotional sanity!

This is the perfect time to strengthen and heal any rifts with friends or family. The parent/child bond is especially highlighted here and the focus should be on respecting and honoring our close family relationships. If we are to grow and succeed in life, both mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, then we need our loved ones supporting us and on our side.

It’s the perfect time to nest. With the moon being in Libra, the sign’s stability and security loving traits will be highlighted and you’ll want to do nothing more than stay at home and relax. Want to read that book you’ve been waiting to get to or catch up on your favorite show? Grab a warm cozy blanket, sit back, and unwind!

Break free of all the toxic people in your life. Any relationships that are hurting you, dragging you down, or holding you back need to be fully re-assessed. You need to distance yourself or cut the cord completely if you find that someone is not worth the time, effort, or stress that they bring to the table. Don’t allow someone to take advantage of your kindness, put an end to it and move on.

Overall, the shift in energy accompanying this March Equinox Supermoon will be mainly positive. If you don’t fight it and go with the flow, then you can better connect with the energy it brings. In the end this can only lead to some really great things happening in your life, so welcome it with open arms!

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