Mother With Disabled Daughter Goes To Walmart! Then She Discovers Disturbing Letter On Her Windshield!

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Stacy Barlow, a 43 year old mother of seven from Levittown, Pennsylvania, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at a relatively young age. She did her best to stay strong and as healthy as possible for her family, but some days were a struggle. Just recently she had to call her fiancé, Jeff, and have him pick her up at the store because her legs had cramped up while walking around.

Most people know Parkinson’s Disease by the outward symptoms such it causes, such as shaking and trembling, slow movements, and difficulty with balance and walking. It affects the part of the brain that controls how your body moves and while it’s more common in older people past the age of 60, it can appear at any age. While there is no cure, the symptoms can be mitigated and managed with proper medical care. Even though Stacy didn’t always have the telltale tremors, her symptoms would often suddenly appear out of nowhere.

On this particular day Stacy had gone out to Walmart where she ended up parking in a handicapped spot with her hang tag clearly displayed on the rear view mirror. At the time, she had already undergone one brain surgery operation and had another one scheduled less than a month away.

After she had parked, Stacy headed right inside to Walmart where she planned on picking up some goods that she needed and doing a little grocery shopping for her family. She had brought her seven year old daughter along with her and neither of them noticed anything out of place when they arrived.

After checking out and leaving the store the pair walked back outside to the car. That’s when they noticed a white napkin stuck in the windshield under a wiper. Stacy grabbed it and saw that it was a note. When she read it, she was shocked and surprised to see that it said, “You are not disabled PIG.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, her car had also been keyed with deep scratches down the side.

Stacy couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would do such a thing. Just because her disability wasn’t blatantly obvious and she didn’t use a wheelchair or have a cane, it didn’t mean she was any less deserving to park in the spot. To leave such a nasty note and ruin her car was beyond rude and mean, it was just evil.

Later on she showed the note to Jeff and after snapping a picture he posted it online to Facebook. When Stacy read the comments, she noticed how mean some of them were, but then the positive ones started to come in and they soon drowned out the bad. People were offering their support and she felt better to see that there was a lot of understanding and compassion out there.

Fortunately, Walmart security cameras did manage to capture the person who was responsible for damaging her car and leaving the nasty note. However, the police are still trying to identify them. Hopefully they saw the news and learned that they targeted a person who was wholly undeserving of their uncalled for actions. Just because a person does not look outwardly handicapped doesn’t mean that they are not going through some tough health issues.

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Girl Woke Up All By Herself On a Bench In The Morning. Then Looks Down and Notices A Weird Note In Her Hand!

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Ellie Farnfield was a 27 year old fitness instructor who was in great shape. She’d never had any serious health issues, but that all changed one fateful day. Going about her daily commute, she got onto a crowded train and found a spot near the window where she could hang on since there were no open seats. Her train ride usually took just under half an hour and as it pulled out of the station, she felt fine. Ten minutes later was when everything started to change.

At first Ellie noticed that her mouth was dry, and she felt extremely parched. She took a sip from her water bottle, but it didn’t help alleviate her thirst. Then a wave of pain rolled through her head and she felt a tightening sensation as the headache took hold and throbbed. Soon that same strange sensation spread through her body, her arms were tingling, and she felt extremely nauseous. She thought to herself, what is happening, and figured her blood sugar must be low since she had skipped lunch. She prayed it would soon pass, but it didn’t.

Instead, she felt worse as the seconds ticked on. Now she had a metallic taste in her mouth and her vision was blurring. The last thing she remembered was a whooshing sound and blackness overcoming her, then she passed out on the crowded train.

Her next memory was waking up on a bench. She was laying down and when she sat upright, she noticed that there was a note in her right hand. Before she could register the piece of paper, she had to check for her purse and belongings to make sure nothing was stolen, thankfully nothing was missing. Ellie checked her phone and saw that she had over 20 missed calls and 14 outgoing calls, none of which she could recall having made.

Obviously scared and freaked out by what might have happened, Ellie was just plain confused. Everything had come on so suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. She turned her attention to the note and when she read it everything made sense. The paper read “Eleanor, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. You had a seizure on the train and I took you off… Sorry I can’t stay with you now, but here is a coffee to perk you up later and £10 to make sure you get a taxi home… I contacted people from your phone and medical help is on its way and you’re with train staff… Love Tom.”

A stranger named Tom had come to her rescue when he found her on the train floor having a seizure. Instead of ignoring her he had recognized the trouble she was in and took care of her before calling medics and alerting train staff and her close contacts of the emergency situation. He even left her a coffee and money so she could get home safely.

After Ellie posted a picture of the note and the story of what happened to her it quickly went viral. Everyone was taken aback at how caring and kind Tom was and just about everyone wanted to find out who he was. Ellie says she’d love to meet him to thank him for what he did and to buy him a drink and pay him back.

In the end it appears that Tom didn’t want to be found. Four years went by and despite trying her best to track him down, Ellie still doesn’t know who he is. Even so, Tom has restored many people’s faith in humanity. He certainly went above and beyond what is expected of a complete stranger on a busy public train, he was amazing!

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Intoxicated Lady Left Her Vehicle In The Lot At a Bar/Restaurant. She Returns and Discovers This Note On Her Car.

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If you enjoy drinking adult beverages when you go out to eat with friends and family at a bar or restaurant, then you’ve likely had to figure out a safe way home. There are times in our lives when we simply end up drinking too much alcohol to drive safe and soundly or within the legal limit. That is when we should call it a night and call a cab, an Uber, or a friend to pick us up as well.

Not driving drunk is among the smartest, most responsible choices that any person could make, and yet all too often people fail to do the right thing. Not Paula Grzelak-Schultz, she was wise enough to leave her car parked at the restaurant she went to eat at on a recent night out with her husband. They decided to take an Uber home instead and picked up their car the next day.

When Paula arrived back at her vehicle the following morning she immediately noticed a letter on her windshield. Like most people who have ever left their car parked overnight in a lot or place of business, she assumed it was a ticket or an angry letter. After all, you can never really know what the parking or tow policy may be or how strictly a business actually enforces it.

However, when Paula opened the letter up she was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Instead of being a ticket or a nasty note, it contained one of the nicest, most genuine, and non-judgmental messages ever! Here’s exactly what it said:


Is this not the nicest note ever!? Not only did the restaurant not tow or ticket her car, but they also threw in a pound of tasty chicken wings, that’s some real customer service and dedication. According to Joe McLean, the Original Joe’s managing partner, this isn’t the first or only time he has left a note on customers cars that were left in the parking lot overnight. He leaves the vouchers and letters in order to promote public safety and as a way to encourage people not to drink and drive.

I know what you may be thinking, only in Canada could someone be so nice and thoughtful, but hopefully Mr. McLean’s approach will catch on and inspire other businesses to do the same. After all, drinking and driving is selfish, stupid, and yet way too common. This obviously highlights the issue and if it can make people think twice about doing it, or stop even one person from endangering themselves and everyone else on the road with them, then it works.

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