Surfer Hit The Waves and Came Out Of The Ocean With An Unexpected Incredible Friend!

What seemed like just another day out surfing turned into an unforgettable experience at the beach for a couple of lucky surfers. While out catching some waves they had an adorable run in with a young sea lion. However, at first the surfer felt movement in the water behind him and feared a possible shark attack. He was relieved when it turned out to be a baby seal and shocked at this sudden guest.

Sea lions are a common sight near the shore and surfers are used to them, but rarely does one get so close, let alone hop onto a board! So when the surfer saw it was a young friendly pup he immediately relaxed and went with the flow.

The pup ended up hitching a few rides and eagerly jumped onto the surf board. The group spent the next hour or so surfing, cuddling, playing in the ocean, riding waves, and relaxing atop the board. Thankfully they had a Go-Pro camera with them to capture the moment and bear witness to the unbelievable interaction. The young sea lion is truly a sweetheart and remarkably friendly.

This year it has been widely reported that there has been an increase in the number of sick, ailing, and starving seals and sea lions. Animal experts are unsure what the precise cause of it is. There are various animal rescue and rehabilitation groups aiding wildlife officials and sick animals, all of which can use any help they can get. Please consider donating contributions, volunteering time, or other needed resources, and help get these wonderful creatures back to peak condition.

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Seal Approaches Diver In The Ocean Looking For A Belly Rub. His Reaction Is Priceless

Imagine that you are out scuba diving with some friends in the cool Atlantic Ocean waters off the Isles of Scilly in England. The mood is light and you’re having a great time exploring and enjoying the moment. All of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by a group of curious Atlantic grey seals. The large mammals are swimming all about, checking out the strange visitors, when one seal in particular takes an interest in you. He swims right up, reaches out a flipper, and touches your hand. Then he rolls on his back and places your hand on his tummy, he wants a belly rub!!

For one man, the unbelievably amazing interaction described above was real and thankfully the once in a lifetime chance meeting was captured on video for all of us to see and vicariously experience. Gary Grayson is the diver who got up close and personal with the friendly seal, who can be seen putting a flipper gently up against his hand as if it’s comparing the two.

The whole time the seal appears to be completely relaxed and totally at ease. In fact, throughout the encounter he wears what looks like a smile on his face. After nuzzling Mr. Grayson affectionately the seal then started to pat his hand and urged the man to rub his tummy. Using his flippers to stay in place, the friendly mammal rolled onto his side and back and guided the diver’s hands around to where he wanted a scratch!

The man obliges and the seal looks like he is loving the attention. It’s a beautiful sight to see, a big sweet seal acting like a happy puppy dog getting his tummy rubbed! It’s behavior like this that has earned seals the nickname “dogs of the sea. Their friendly demeanor and playfulness around humans and other animals is so incredibly dog-like, a few of them have even been captured on film snuggling up to their canine counterparts on the beach and romping around in the water with them!

This video certainly backs up the comparison. Whereas dogs are man’s best friend on land, seals are man’s best friend in the water! The remarkably friendly one that Grayson had the fortune to meet is truly a sweetheart and what an experience it must have been for everyone involved!

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