VIDEO: Surfer Hits The Waves and Comes Out Of The Ocean With A Surprise Unexpected Friend!

Imagine that you are out surfing with some friends at your favorite beach. The mood is light and you’re having a great time catching waves and enjoying the moment. All of a sudden you feel movement in the water behind you. Immediately you freeze and the first thing that pops into your head is that a shark may be with you in the water, maybe it’s about to attack, and get the hell out!

You turn around to see if your worst fears are true and that’s when you notice a baby sea lion swimming next to you. All your fears from a moment ago fade and the heart attack you felt coming on is averted.

The above scenario is exactly what one lucky man went through when what seemed like just another day out surfing turned into an unforgettable experience for him and his friends. They were out catching some waves when they had an adorable run in with a young sea lion.

While sea lions are a common sight near the shore and surfers are used to them, they rarely get so close to people, let alone hop onto a board! Once the surfer saw that the the stranger in the water with him was a young friendly pup, and not a shark, he immediately relaxed and went with the flow.

The pup ended up hitching a few rides and eagerly jumped onto the surf board. The group spent the next hour or so surfing, cuddling, playing in the ocean, riding waves, and relaxing atop the board.

Thankfully they had a Go-Pro camera with them to capture the moment and bear witness to the unbelievable interaction. The young sea lion is truly a sweetheart, remarkably friendly, and what an amazing experience it must have been for all involved.

This year it has been widely reported that there has been an increase in the number of sick, ailing, and starving seals and sea lions. Animal experts are unsure what the precise cause of it is. There are various animal rescue and rehabilitation groups aiding wildlife officials and sick animals, all of which can use any help they can get.

Please consider donating contributions, volunteering time, or other needed resources, and help get these wonderful creatures back to peak condition.

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This Brilliant Kitty Was Being Chased By a Dog So She Did THIS!

Meet Didga the most phenomenal cat on the internet.  Didga has quickly become a Youtube sensation with her incredible cat tricks.  You may remember Didga from the video where she rolls over like a dog.   Didga not only rolls over but can also ride skateboards.  But in the following video Didga steps it up BIG time. I’m pretty sure this is the most talented cat possibly in the world today. I have pretty much never seen a cat do a single trick let alone an entire compilation of awesomeness!

She scours the internet for the best dog tricks on Youtube.  She then decides to attempt each trick and overshadow her fellow furry companions.  Be ready to be blown away by this cat’s toolbox of tricks.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all Didga takes it to the next level. Each move Didga makes propels her into legendary internet status!

Move over Grumpy Cat there is a new kitty in town who is quickly taking over the internet!  Watch and enjoy the video below. Have you ever seen a cat do anything like this? Can your cat do any tricks? Let us know.

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Man Gets An Unexpected Photobomber Right As He Takes a Selfie By The Ocean

Since the dawn of modern photography people have been invading and dropping in on pictures and videos which they were never originally meant to be a part of! While photobombing may seem like a relatively new and recent phenomenon, it’s actually not. However, thanks to the internet and viralability we are able to see all of the best photobombs out there that man, and animal, have to offer!

Over the years pictures have been photobombed by all sorts of different people, items, and animals. The most common type is by far the total and complete stranger who jumps in at the last moment. These usually result in hilarious pictures and candid reactions that range from oblivious to shocked at the unexpected last minute addition. Celebrities often make appearances as well, but the ones that everybody absolutely adores and loves to see are the animal photo-bombers, like the seal in this clip!

The guy in the red sleeveless t-shirt managed to capture the awesome memento while he was out on the water enjoying a beautiful day on his boat. He was near the bridge that’s visible in the background when a baby seal jumped on board and decided to relax alongside him. In fact, the youngster was so comfortable and at ease with the man that he snuggled up against his back and even began to fall asleep! You can see his eyes begin to droop as the sleepy seal basks in the sunshine against the guy, which all makes the perfect photo/video opportunity. If this ever happened to you, you’d definitely want the memory and proof preserved on film!

Seals rank at the top of the list when it comes to friendly, cheerful, adorable marine animals. That’s why they’re often referred to as the “dogs of the sea” because of their playful social behavior around other animals and humans. Some of them have been seen snuggling up to their canine counterparts and romping around in the water with them, others prefer to catch some waves with surfers.

After watching this clip, this seal certainly backs up the comparison. So while dogs are man’s best friend on dry land, seals are man’s best friend in the water and on boats!

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Dark Clouds Rolled In He Sensed Something Scary Was On The Horizon. THIS Is What The Camera Caught

Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightning. In comparison to other types of phobias, it effects a very large amount of the population, especially young children. According to, a website that tracks fears and phobias, it’s the 6th most common fear in the world. That spot places it ahead of claustrophobia and both the fear of flying and public speaking!

If you happen to be one of the millions who are affected by thunderstorms, and lightning in particular, you may want to skip this video. It was captured by Clint Blevins and shows the moment that lightning struck the water off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. As rain falls all around a huge electric bolt suddenly comes out of seemingly nowhere, it spiders down from the storm clouds above and strikes the ocean surface, lighting up the sky! As the electricity from the lightning bolt fizzles away it leaves a faint trail of smoke or vapor behind in the air. Thanks to the clip being in slow motion, and shot from only a couple hundred yards away, we get to see details like this that otherwise we’d miss out on.

After watching that and when you look at the numbers, having a healthy dose of fear towards lightning may be a good thing since it means you avoid it at all costs. The odds of being stuck by lightning change yearly but National Geographic News places the odds at 1 in 700,000 for any given year. Over the course of the average persons lifetime the chances of being struck skyrocket to 1 in 3,000. To put those odds in perspective, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the Powerball lottery or being killed by a shark!

Make sure to check out the video because Mr. Blevin’s lightning strike footage is absolutely incredible. It showcases the immense power and sheer force behind one of mother nature’s most beautiful and scary displays!

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They Were In A Tiny Boat Surrounded By Hungry Great White Sharks. The Result Is Terrifying!

Some ideas are better left untested.  That is the lesson a film crew received when they attempted to attach a GoPro camera to a massive six meter (about 19.5 feet) great white shark.  The Discovery Channel film crew were shooting footage for a documentary called Lair of the Megashark off the coast of New Zealand’s Stewart Island.  Wanting to get unique shots and a shark’s eye view, they decided to strap the hi-tech camera onto the dorsal fin of the deadly ocean predator.

Two shark experts, Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande, had bravely gone out in a small dinghy that was tethered by a single flimsy rope to the larger main boat.  Once out on the open water things went quickly downhill.  After trying unsuccessfully to attach the gadget to the shark, who was having none of it, the great white turned on them and attacked their dangerously inadequate boat.

He charges and destabilizes the small craft with his tail, causing it to lurch unsteadily in the water.  Then, he breaches the surface jaws first to bite at the thin rope connecting the two boats.  For a few brief seconds he is gone but he reappears to go after the bait that sits between the two boats.

During the drama one man can be heard saying “I don’t think this is such a brilliant f*****g idea you know.”  Video shows the two men in the dinghy trying to stay calm and safely inside as the huge shark thrashes about dangerously upsetting it.

Soon after, the crew decided it was way too unsafe for them to be on the water, in such a small boat, while massive hungry sharks were behaving so aggressively.  Thankfully, no person or shark was injured in the filming and the crew abandoned attempts to attach the GoPro.  What a crazy, heart pounding, panic inducing moment that must have been!

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These People Had No Clue About The Danger That Lurked Just Feet Away. When They Realized It’s Scary!

With winter finally over, and temperatures rising, thoughts of summer and the beach may have started crossing your mind.  There is no better therapy than beach therapy.  The warm sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, and the refreshing ocean water to cool you down.

When going into the ocean we sometimes forget that we are not alone.  We are sharing the open water with crustaceans, fish, whales and sharks.  Some tourists recently had an extremely horrifying experience.  They were enjoying a nice dip in the ocean, and were completely unaware of the danger that lurked beneath the surface of the water. My heart is still racing after watching the video below.

This year when you go on Spring Break or to your local beach always be vigilant and remember, you are never alone in the ocean. Remember safety first and fun second especially while swimming in the ocean at the beach!

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