VIDEO: Surfer Hits The Waves and Comes Out Of The Ocean With A Surprise Unexpected Friend!

Imagine that you are out surfing with some friends at your favorite beach. The mood is light and you’re having a great time catching waves and enjoying the moment. All of a sudden you feel movement in the water behind you. Immediately you freeze and the first thing that pops into your head is that a shark may be with you in the water, maybe it’s about to attack, and get the hell out!

You turn around to see if your worst fears are true and that’s when you notice a baby sea lion swimming next to you. All your fears from a moment ago fade and the heart attack you felt coming on is averted.

The above scenario is exactly what one lucky man went through when what seemed like just another day out surfing turned into an unforgettable experience for him and his friends. They were out catching some waves when they had an adorable run in with a young sea lion.

While sea lions are a common sight near the shore and surfers are used to them, they rarely get so close to people, let alone hop onto a board! Once the surfer saw that the the stranger in the water with him was a young friendly pup, and not a shark, he immediately relaxed and went with the flow.

The pup ended up hitching a few rides and eagerly jumped onto the surf board. The group spent the next hour or so surfing, cuddling, playing in the ocean, riding waves, and relaxing atop the board.

Thankfully they had a Go-Pro camera with them to capture the moment and bear witness to the unbelievable interaction. The young sea lion is truly a sweetheart, remarkably friendly, and what an amazing experience it must have been for all involved.

This year it has been widely reported that there has been an increase in the number of sick, ailing, and starving seals and sea lions. Animal experts are unsure what the precise cause of it is. There are various animal rescue and rehabilitation groups aiding wildlife officials and sick animals, all of which can use any help they can get.

Please consider donating contributions, volunteering time, or other needed resources, and help get these wonderful creatures back to peak condition.

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This Brilliant Kitty Was Being Chased By a Dog So She Did THIS!

Meet Didga the most phenomenal cat on the internet.  Didga has quickly become a Youtube sensation with her incredible cat tricks.  You may remember Didga from the video where she rolls over like a dog.   Didga not only rolls over but can also ride skateboards.  But in the following video Didga steps it up BIG time. I’m pretty sure this is the most talented cat possibly in the world today. I have pretty much never seen a cat do a single trick let alone an entire compilation of awesomeness!

She scours the internet for the best dog tricks on Youtube.  She then decides to attempt each trick and overshadow her fellow furry companions.  Be ready to be blown away by this cat’s toolbox of tricks.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all Didga takes it to the next level. Each move Didga makes propels her into legendary internet status!

Move over Grumpy Cat there is a new kitty in town who is quickly taking over the internet!  Watch and enjoy the video below. Have you ever seen a cat do anything like this? Can your cat do any tricks? Let us know.

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