Fisherman Is Reeling In A Huge Halibut. But He Never Saw This Deep Sea Thief Coming!

Most Sportsmen and women love to talk about the highlights of their chosen sport. Golfers talk about their best handicap, tennis players their greatest shot or match, and fishermen love to brag about their biggest catch. They sometimes exaggerate a bit about the actual size of the fish, but today with so many moments of our lives being videoed, the truth is verifiable!

For the fisherman in the video you are about to watch, the fact that the camera caught what happens to his prize catch, was certainly fortunate. Otherwise it might have sounded like one of those stories that gets exaggerated. His catch was stolen by an unlikely and amazing thief!

He was reeling in a huge halibut when out of nowhere a wily orca swooped in to grab his catch. He might have been more irritated, except that getting to see the magnificent orca close up was so exciting! Catching this on video was the ultimate prize that he got to share with all his friends and the rest of the world on the internet. It was certainly a highlight of his fishing life!

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This Giant Humpback Whale Jumps Out Of The Water And Lands On Kayakers. The Result Is Terrifying!

Two extremely lucky kayakers have one heck of a whale tale to tell after their early morning encounter with one of the massive mammals. Tom Mustill and Charlotte Kinloch were paddling along in an ocean kayak off the coast of California at Moss Landing, which is near Monterey Bay, at around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The British holidaymakers had heard that a large group of migrating humpback whales had been spotted nearby so they quickly set out to go see them. After spending three hours in the water watching the giant whales feed and breach the surface they decided to head back to shore.

It was during this return trip that things got a little hairy. The pair, along with several other kayaks, were in the midst of the group of feeding whales. The next thing they knew was that a huge, dark object was above them, blocking the light, and that’s when Mr. Mustill thought “Oh, I’m going to die now.”

What they saw coming full speed at them was a 40-60 ton humpback whale who had just sped up from deep below to breach the water surface, right were they were situated. The two were thrown out of the kayak and sucked deep under water by the sheer force of the whale’s landing.

It created such a forceful suction that even their extremely buoyant kayak was pulled under as if it were a toy. Thankfully, they were smart and wearing life vests which quickly returned them to the surface and both managed to escape unhurt.

The only damage was to the kayak, which had a small dent in its bow and it had been flooded with water. Nearby experienced kayakers helped pump out the water and righted the boat, and the shocked pair made it safely back to shore.

Remarkably, a cruise ship passenger, Larry Plants, managed to catch the extraordinary moment when the huge whale breached. This is one of those unbelievable videos you have to see to believe and it really takes your breath away!

Right after the whale’s jump and crash landing a fellow passenger can be heard in the video asking “The kayak! Where’s the kayak?” and another passenger answers her “He knocked it over!” The video was posted online by Sanctuary Cruises, the operators of the boat Mr. Plants was on when he shot the footage.

The boat’s Captain Micheal Sack wrote on his website that “Kayak whale watching can be extremely dangerous. And one should realize that humpback whales are wild animals and totally unpredictable. It’s a very uncontrolled environment out there.

Just like any wilderness experience.” His words of wisdom and warning stress the danger and vulnerability that a person faces when they go out on the open ocean in a tiny boat among enormous wild whales who are feeding. Next time perhaps the two lucky kayakers who almost died will take a bigger boat!

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A Wild Seal Asks This Scuba Diver For A Belly Rub. His Reaction Is An Unexpected Surprise!

A scuba diver recently had a surprising and wonderful experience with a wild grey seal while he was partaking in some underwater exploring. The once in a lifetime chance meeting occurred in the Atlantic Ocean off the Isles of Scilly in England. Gary Grayson was diving alongside several other people when a group of Atlantic grey seals decided to check them out. The large seals swam about the strange visitors and one seal in particular took an interest in Grayson.

The friendly mammal got up close and personal with the diver and videographer, and thankfully there was someone among the group who caught the whole encounter on film. The seal can be seen putting his flipper up against the man’s hand, as if he was comparing the two, and nuzzling the diver with his large head.

Then he starts to pat Grayson’s hand and looks to be urging the man to give his belly a rub as he rolls over onto his side and back! The man obliges and the seal looks like he is loving the attention. There is a smile on the seal’s face the whole time and he looks incredibly relaxed and at ease.

It’s a beautiful sight to see as the big sea creature acts like a happy puppy getting his tummy rubbed. The seal even uses his flippers to stay in place and guide the man’s hands to where he wants a scratch. Seals are often referred to as “dogs of the sea” because of their playful and friendly behavior around humans and other animals.

A few of them have even been captured on film snuggling up to their canine counterparts and romping around in the water with them. This video certainly backs up the comparison, and while dogs are man’s best friend on land, seals are man’s best friend in the water.

The remarkably friendly one that Grayson met is truly a sweetheart and what an amazing experience it must have been for everyone involved. I hope one day I can meet one of these “dog mermaids” and give him an underwater belly rub! This is now on my bucket list! What would you have done in this situation? Let us know!

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Man Is Filming Some Seagulls When He Gets The Unexpected Surprise Of Lifetime Which Make Him Poop His Pants!

For many people a trip to Alaska is a dream vacation. The state is filled with nature’s wonders, from the scenic rocky coasts to the enormous snowy inland peaks. There are millions of acres of untamed pristine wilderness and thousands of miles of coastline to explore.

With limited roads and ways to access the wilds, one of the best ways to get around and see things is by boat. Boating is big business up in Alaska, whether it’s for fishing, sight seeing tours, transportation, or recreation. One man, Brad Rich, was recently out on the water off the coast of Seward, Alaska with his friends.

The group noticed a bunch of seagulls off in the distance and that there was a pod of humpback whales feeding nearby. In hopes of capturing some whale action on film, Dan whipped out his camera and started recording the area where the sea gulls were making a racket.

He trained the lens on the birds and a couple of moments later his efforts paid off. The whales breached not near the gulls, but instead right in front of him! At least 10 of the giants poked their heads out of the water as they gulped down fish right off the stern of the boat.

Brad was beyond shocked and excited, as his reaction on the video shows, and ended up capturing amazing footage of the once in a lifetime experience. Check out the video to see one of nature’s many awe-inspiring spectacles close up and naturally occurring. It’s a pretty incredible sight to see these majestic, gentle giants feeding on fish all together at once.

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Vacationers Were Gazing Into The Water When They Got The Unexpected Surprise Of a Lifetime!

The greatest thing about the summer months is the freedom to be outside and explore nature in all it’s forms.  It brings families together on vacations to places they have never been and to see sights that simply aren’t available in their own backyard.

True nature lovers have that wanderlust that takes them on adventures that open up the possibility of seeing something new and memorable.  The group of tourists in this video standing on giant boulders near the water’s shore on Saturna Island in British Columbia, Canada were enjoying the beautiful day, when to their surprise they were to behold a sight that took their breath away!

They had gathered hoping to spot a whale close enough to view.  There was some movement in the water when suddenly not one, not two…but an entire pod of Orca Whales began emerging from the water in a playful rhythm prancing past the excited tourists practically within arms reach of where they expectantly stood on the rocks.  The people squealed with delight at the majesty and abundance of these beautiful creatures.

This once in a lifetime experience of such close proximity to these whales is something these tourists will surely never forget, and the video is thrilling to behold.

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There’s A New Danger At The Beaches This Year. It Looks Stunning But It Could Kill You!

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What a cool looking creature! Turns out, the man o’ war is not a jellyfish, but actually a colony of little sneaksters that are attached and integrated so thoroughly that they can not live by themselves. At the surface of the ocean, the man o’ war floats through life, moving only by the force of currents and tides.

Strong winds may push them into bays and beaches, where they should be only looked upon and with caution. Where there is one man o’ war, there is many, but often an entire beach will be closed after the sighting of just one.  Recently there has been a massive increase in numbers of Portuguese Man O’ War from Delaware to New York. Watch the video below to learn more about the risks and what to do if you come into contact with one.

When I was in sixth grade I spent a week in West Palm Beach, Florida with my friend and her dad. We stayed in a hotel on the beach where we spent everyday from sunrise to sunset in the outdoor pool. Entering the sunshine state mid Northeast Winter, we grew layers of blistering sun burns in the first part of the week.

We were so heat exhausted that my friend was vomiting up her daily grilled cheeses in the groomed poolside plants, and her father’s concern was that we were spending too much time in the pool, so he sent us to the beach. My friend and I reluctantly approached the beautiful ocean water and were delighted when we learned it was many degrees more comfortable than the Atlantic we were familiar with.

Promptly, I was thrashed with a wave across the face, which knocked my child body to the ground to be pummeled by undertow and exasperation. Then I felt it! An electric shock like whip along the side of my arm. I struggled to catch my breath through the inhaled salt water and looked down to see my forearm and hand red and inflamed.

My friend and I made our way back to the hotel pool where the lifeguard confirmed I had been stung by a man o’ war. The hero then sprayed my arm with cologne to soothe the welts and told us to go swim in pool.

Enjoy the beach this summer, but always stay aware of your surroundings.  Keep your eye out for these beautiful but dangerous and potentially deadly creatures.

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