She Was Having A Normal Day Wakeboarding But Watch THIS Water Next To Her When The UNTHINKABLE Surfaces!

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The day is so clear and the water so blue, that there is an almost unreal quality about the morning, as the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana team takes to the water.  They are on the Gulf of California-The Sea of Cortez, as their boat skimmed the beautiful waters with a young woman wake boarding behind.

The first thing you will be struck by when viewing the footage below, is the skillful ease with which this woman wake boards.  It’s as if the water presents no obstacle to her balance at all.  This becomes more evident as she notices a surprise in the water, before the camera picks up the activity.

When the man driving the boat in the video realizes what is happening in the water he is enthralled.  He accurately predicts what will happen with the incredible footage they are getting; he says to the person behind the camera, “Keep filming…We’re going to make a YouTube sensation!”  He was right, what they capture is beyond anything you could ever plan for.

This really is so amazing and a once in life time experience most of us will never have! I had to watch this over and over I’m just so awe-struck by the whole thing!

Have you ever seen anything like this happen while wake boarding?

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THIS Lost Deer Is Walking On The Edge Of The Ocean. But Watch When THIS Giant Wave Comes In!

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The uniqueness of every creature on earth is part of the wondrous magnitude of life.  It is somewhat more obvious that human beings and domestic animals are products of both their genetics and environment, than with wild animals.

Although wild animals of a particular type, tend to live in similar environments, there are individual differences in their characters as well. This is well illustrated in the incredible footage you are about to view below.  We tend to see deer romping in the woods, so seeing a deer near the ocean is unusual in and of itself.

Watching this particular deer in this environment is nothing short of awesome. This beautiful, graceful animal first approaches this active body of water with some understandable timidity.  Within no time at all, it seems to comprehend the movement of the waves, and becomes a natural at riding the waves.

It bounds back and forth and through the exciting water as if the ocean was it’s natural environment. Captured by a filmmaker, Anthony Martin, this deer was filmed on the southwest coast of France; it seems that it actually is not uncommon to find deer living near a shoreline.

Maybe that explains this animal’s finesse in navigating the ocean’s waves.  One thing is for sure, the sheer joy in it’s encounter with this remarkable part of nature will make your day; it put a smile on my face and a feeling of wonder in my heart.

Enjoy the video below!

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Man Flies a Drone Camera Over The Water. When It Zooms In My Jaw Dropped!

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Meet Captain Dave, a ship captain who runs a whale watching safari year round.  For the first time ever, the rare, majestic and endangered blue whales ended up in Dana Point, California.  Luckily Captain Dave had his drone camera ready and captured the first drone footage of blue whales in this area. One of the blue whales he filmed, is believed to be over 80 feet long.

He also capture incredible video of a gray whale mama and her babies playing and eating kelp off the shore of Orange County.  Captain Dave explains how rare it is to capture to gray whale calves.  He explains that 35 percent of blue whale babies are eaten by Orca whales.  So their mothers intentionally keep them close at all times.

There is not much for these babies to eat during their migrations, so they mainly feed on their mother’s milk and grow at about 50 pounds per day. The final thing he captured was a giant megapod of thousands of dolphins swimming side by side.  This is truly a site to behold.

They swam right beside the boat and gave these whale watchers a truly unforgettable experience. This footage is absolutely breathtaking. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze. What a wonderful planet we all live on! Enjoy!

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It Looks Like A Normal Boardwalk But When The Waves Come Crashing In Something Strange Occurs!

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In Zadar, Croatia, you can be serenaded by the water as you stroll down the boardwalk. There is an inventive architectural creation which allows notes to be played by the wind of the waves through a tube like structure.

Pipes underlie a set of large marble steps, making the sea organ expansive and majestic. Not quite melodic, the sound is still awe inspiring with its mystical feel and impressive wonder. It is almost as if the Adriatic sea is singing out loud, giving it a playful personality and intriguing communication.

Of course the skill should be credited not only to the artistic water, but to the architect who made the instrument, Nikola Bašić. He built the device as an attempt to beautify the city coast from its rebuild after the Second World War.

The organ provides a break in the monotonous concrete wall that was the sea front repair after devastation. It was opened on April 15, 2005 and is a destination for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

The polyethylene pipes and resonating cavity create a random, yet harmonious, tune. Not the only sea organ to be made, in 2006 it was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space, which is a biennial award started in 2000 to recognize public space projects.

Competitors include the Wave Organ in San Francisco, California, and the Blackpool High Tide Organ in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

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If You Notice This Beautiful Purple Thing On The Beach This Year Run Away Immediately!

Anyone headed to beaches along the eastern coastline this summer is being advised to keep a lookout for any Portuguese man-of-war both in the water and on the beach. The jellyfish relatives have been found washed ashore on a number of popular beaches, with the most recent sightings around the Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina areas.

As beautiful and exotic as the Portuguese man-of-war may appear, it poses a big risk to human health and wellness. The sea creatures look like pretty blue or purple tinted bubbles floating on the surface of the water, and have long, dark purple tentacles hanging down off them.

The tentacles are what makes the Portuguese man-of-war so hazardous because they’re full of venom and highly capable of delivering a very nasty and painful sting. They should be avoided whether found in the water or on the beach because even days after being washed up on shore they can still sting, no matter how long dead they may appear to be.

A sting from one can cause a number of reactions including painful red welts, cardiac distress, fever, shock, an allergic reaction that can lead to trouble breathing, paralysis, and possibly even death in extreme cases which are thankfully rare.

If you ever have the misfortune of being stung by one, seek professional medical treatment and do not pee on the area! Contrary to popular belief, doing that will only make it worse and instead you should use a cold compress to help relieve the pain and swelling.

While the floating bubble-like marine creatures are commonly referred to as a type of jellyfish, they are actually what is known as a siphonophore. Whereas jellyfish are single multi-cellular organisms, siphonophore are colonial organisms.

They are made up of many different individual animals that are interconnected and work together, yet are still capable of surviving independently. This type of physiological makeup is why the tentacles are still capable of stinging even after they become detached.

The accompanying New Jersey TV news clip covers more interesting facts and information on the Portuguese man-of-war and what scientists, beach patrols, and lifeguards are doing about them.

The news report from Long Beach Island featured the story a few summers back when they were washing up on shore more frequently than usual, which already seems to be the case this year as well. Check it out for more details and if you ever happen to see one of these things in the water, get out immediately!

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They Were Just Filming The Water. What They Caught At :09 Seconds Is A Once In A Lifetime Moment!

Whale watchers often have to be very patient while hoping and waiting to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. They may have the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful spot, such as The Bay of Fundy, that sits between Maine and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. However, tourists come here for more than the beauty.

On the Atlantic coast, this bay is known to be the habitat for more than 12 species of whales. This increases the likelihood that whale watchers won’t be disappointed in their quest to actually see one. Despite the fact that this spot inhabits all these whales, it still remains the “luck of the draw” as to whether tourists will actually be privy to a sighting.

On this particular day, these whale watchers got the view of a lifetime! Luckily what they saw was captured on video, which allows all of us to enjoy this literally breathtaking appearance. A massive humpback whale, unbelievably close to their boat, flew into the air! The sight was both startling and completely exhilarating!

I hope you enjoy what you are about to see as much as I did. This was the best video I have seen all week. I hope one day I’ll be able to witness something even close to this in person!

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