Guy Notices THIS ‘Fuzzy Lake Creature’ Trapped In The Dirt! But Then He Realizes The Horrifying Truth!

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Jim was lucky enough to own two beautiful dogs. They were terriers and Jim loved them very much. Every morning he would take them out walking around Haikey Creek. One day, he saw something incredibly heartbreaking.

On one morning, Jim was walking his terriers. He saw something odd-looking in the water. It was large and brown and Jim thought it might be a log. As he got closer he realized that it was a living creature of some kind.

Looking around, Jim saw a dog carrier a short distance away. When he approached the animal, he saw that it was indeed a dog. It had been abandoned there and had somehow escaped the cage. However, it became trapped when it got sucked into the muddy section of the banks.

Jim called some hikers to help him save the dog. They pulled and pulled until finally, he came out. Jim wiped the mud off the dog’s face to reveal a beautiful collie. Jim called the police and they came and surveyed the situation. The dog was taken to a vet who was instantly infatuated. She adopted him and he is finally in good hands.

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What Mythical Creature Are You Most Like?

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If you were a mythical creature, which would you be? Would you be a fire-breathing dragon, all scales and writhing musculature, sitting upon your enormous mountain of gold and jewels you stole from the dwarves? How about a spritely elf, light on your feet century after century?

Would you be a woodland elf, or the regal Rivendell type? Maybe you would stick to the classic unicorn, farting rainbows and appearing on little girls’ Trapper Keepers. Only one way to find out!

Mythical creatures have captured the imaginations of countless generations of human folk. It is impossible to say when the first mythic being was imagined, but it likely happened around the same time man discovered fire, if not before.

The cave people were likely telling their children of magical beasts that roamed the realms of make-believe, eating up the bad children and taking the good on marvelous adventures. The cave kids were probably appropriately inspired to obey their cave parents, so as to avoid becoming mountain troll dinner and to increase their chances of going to magical lands with the appropriately sparkly cave faeries.

Whichever mythical creature you most closely identify with, you probably either love or hate vampires. They used to be universally cool, but now that vampire sagas have taken over the planet, even those of us who live under a rock and haven’t seen a vampire movie since 1992 are forced to decide whether we want to jump on the bandwagon or get trampled underfoot.

I still think they are cool, for the record…

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If You Notice This Beautiful Purple Thing On The Beach This Year Run Away Immediately!

Anyone headed to beaches along the eastern coastline this summer is being advised to keep a lookout for any Portuguese man-of-war both in the water and on the beach. The jellyfish relatives have been found washed ashore on a number of popular beaches, with the most recent sightings around the Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina areas.

As beautiful and exotic as the Portuguese man-of-war may appear, it poses a big risk to human health and wellness. The sea creatures look like pretty blue or purple tinted bubbles floating on the surface of the water, and have long, dark purple tentacles hanging down off them.

The tentacles are what makes the Portuguese man-of-war so hazardous because they’re full of venom and highly capable of delivering a very nasty and painful sting. They should be avoided whether found in the water or on the beach because even days after being washed up on shore they can still sting, no matter how long dead they may appear to be.

A sting from one can cause a number of reactions including painful red welts, cardiac distress, fever, shock, an allergic reaction that can lead to trouble breathing, paralysis, and possibly even death in extreme cases which are thankfully rare.

If you ever have the misfortune of being stung by one, seek professional medical treatment and do not pee on the area! Contrary to popular belief, doing that will only make it worse and instead you should use a cold compress to help relieve the pain and swelling.

While the floating bubble-like marine creatures are commonly referred to as a type of jellyfish, they are actually what is known as a siphonophore. Whereas jellyfish are single multi-cellular organisms, siphonophore are colonial organisms.

They are made up of many different individual animals that are interconnected and work together, yet are still capable of surviving independently. This type of physiological makeup is why the tentacles are still capable of stinging even after they become detached.

The accompanying New Jersey TV news clip covers more interesting facts and information on the Portuguese man-of-war and what scientists, beach patrols, and lifeguards are doing about them.

The news report from Long Beach Island featured the story a few summers back when they were washing up on shore more frequently than usual, which already seems to be the case this year as well. Check it out for more details and if you ever happen to see one of these things in the water, get out immediately!

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