What Mythical Creature Are You Most Like?

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If you were a mythical creature, which would you be? Would you be a fire-breathing dragon, all scales and writhing musculature, sitting upon your enormous mountain of gold and jewels you stole from the dwarves? How about a spritely elf, light on your feet century after century?

Would you be a woodland elf, or the regal Rivendell type? Maybe you would stick to the classic unicorn, farting rainbows and appearing on little girls’ Trapper Keepers. Only one way to find out!

Mythical creatures have captured the imaginations of countless generations of human folk. It is impossible to say when the first mythic being was imagined, but it likely happened around the same time man discovered fire, if not before.

The cave people were likely telling their children of magical beasts that roamed the realms of make-believe, eating up the bad children and taking the good on marvelous adventures. The cave kids were probably appropriately inspired to obey their cave parents, so as to avoid becoming mountain troll dinner and to increase their chances of going to magical lands with the appropriately sparkly cave faeries.

Whichever mythical creature you most closely identify with, you probably either love or hate vampires. They used to be universally cool, but now that vampire sagas have taken over the planet, even those of us who live under a rock and haven’t seen a vampire movie since 1992 are forced to decide whether we want to jump on the bandwagon or get trampled underfoot.

I still think they are cool, for the record…

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