If You Notice a Blue Cooler On Your Neighbors Porch. THIS Is What It Means..

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Image via: Youtube

One cooler on a neighbor’s porch probably wouldn’t attract much attention, but several dotting the neighborhood piqued one woman’s interest. When Tracy Beaves, who lives in Oklahoma in a town called The Village, noticed several Styrofoam containers on people’s front porches she was naturally curious as to why they were there.

It turned out that one homeowner had decided to put out a cooler full of ice cold water bottles for the delivery people who were working outside in the oppressive heat. At the time, the area was experiencing a days long heatwave that showed no signs of relenting. Nevertheless, all of the letter carriers and delivery workers in the area had to go on with their jobs no matter what the weather. Providing them with a convenient and refreshing bottle of water was a simple and kind act that many people were more than happy to do.

Loving the thoughtful idea herself, Tracy decided to place a cooler full of beverages outside on her porch as well for anyone stopping by who might be in need of a drink. After all, when the weather heats up and it gets dangerously hot outside, it’s important to try and stay as cool and comfortable as humanly possible. To do that, the best thing a person can do is to drink lots of water and keep hydrated.

As a news report on the practice shows, the kind gesture didn’t stop with Tracy. Many other homeowners in her neighborhood also chose to put out coolers and the delivery carriers were more than grateful and thankful for it. Hopefully in the coming summer months this trend will catch on and spread all over the country. It’s a wonderful idea and a good way to pay it forward!

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