4 Things Your Sleeping Positions Reveal About You.

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Sleeping is an important and major part of everybody’s life. Most people spend around a third of their total life sleeping, based on the idea that we average around 8 hours of sleep every night. Each of us has a favorite position that we like to get into when we crawl into bed. Some people curl up in the fetal position on their sides, while others lay on their backs with their hands resting at their sides.

There are many ways in which we can fall asleep, but overall there’s just a few main positions that we all prefer. Each of these sleep positions has been studied extensively by researchers and sleep specialists who have come to the conclusion that how you sleep reveals insights about your personality.

For example, the most popular way to sleep happens to be in the fetal position; on your side with both legs curled up. Approximately 41% of humans sleep this way according to a survey done by Dr. Chris Idzikowski, a sleep specialist who has written books on the subject.

If you sleep this way it generally means you’re shy, calm, and sensitive on the inside but likely cover this side up with a tougher exterior. Here are what some other sleep positions are associated with:┬áPeople who sleep straight on their backside with both arms down at the sides have a more reserved, silent type of nature. They have a no-nonsense attitude and are often regimented, preferring to plan things out well in advance.

People who prefer to sleep like a log, on the side with legs straight and arms resting by their sides, are said to be relaxed and have a more laid back type of personality. They are easy to talk to and fun to be around, but may trust others a little too easily which can make them come off as kind of naive.

Those who sleep on their stomach with both hands under the pillow have friendly, welcoming personalities and sunny dispositions. However, they are usually quite sensitive on the inside because they have issues properly dealing with their feelings and emotions.

If you’re a snorer then you may be more aggressive than those who do not. Perhaps it is because of a lack of quality sleep, but people who snore are quick tempered and very easily irritated.

In addition, if you usually sleep in the same position every night and find that you can’t fall asleep comfortably if you’re not in that position, you may be averse to change. That generally means you like and expect things a specific way and when they aren’t you get uncomfortable, tense, and uneasy.

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