The Way This Guy Cleans His Pots Is Totally Brilliant. How Did I Not Know About This Earlier?

Got dirty dishes? Clean them up! Forget the times when you scrubbed and washed dirty pots and pans that were caked with crusty cooked on food and grease. The stubborn and hard to clean messes won’t drive you insane anymore. YouTube’s DaveHax shows us how to easily clean dirty, old, tarnished copper pots and pans with a simple and effective method. Plus, it’s cheap and can be done with just two items that you may already have on hand or can pick up at the store for only a few dollars!

The two magic ingredients to this scrub are white wine vinegar and table salt. Begin by placing a dirty pan upside down in the sink and coat it with salt. Pour some white wine vinegar over it, but try not to wash off the salt, and if you do wash off too much just add more salt. Allow it to sit for at least 15-20 seconds and you should see it already starting to work, breaking through the dirtiness, and brighter cleaner spots will begin to appear.

Next, pour some vinegar on a scrubbing sponge and scour the pot all around the bottom and sides. In a few seconds the grimy tarnish will rub off. If you need to add more salt and vinegar, go right ahead, and keep scrubbing until it is completely clean. When it looks like new again you can rinse with water and be done!

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She Attaches Some Tubing To Terra Cotta Pots. But When She’s Done It’s STUNNING!

One of the more relaxing things in life is listening to the sound of gently flowing water as it trickles down over smooth stones. Life needs the soothing sounds and peaceful sights of running water and nothing provides them better than a little zen fountain.

You can make your own extremely affordable and durable fountain at home instead of buying a pricey, yet cheaply made, one at the store. This terra cotta design is ideal to make because the materials are widely available, inexpensive, and you can easily expand on the design to make it your own since it’s so basic.

Plus, if anything should ever break, it’ll be easy to fix. It’s also the perfect size, not too big or too small, and will easily fit on a tabletop or stand. This would look awesome on a porch or in a garden, you can put it anywhere!

Here’s a list of what you will need for this project:
14 inch terra cotta saucer Fountain pump – 7 inch terra cotta saucer Plastic tubing – 6 inch terra cotta saucer Silicone sealer – 4 inch terra cotta saucer X – 3 Clear spray sealer – 6 inch flowerpot Round file – 4 inch flowerpot Drill and 3/8 inch masonry bit

Start by coating the inside of the 14 inch saucer with clear spray sealant. Set it aside and allow to completely dry before re-coating it another two times to ensure that it’s fully waterproof. Take the rest of the saucers and the flower pots and soak them all in a bucket of water for an hour or longer.

Take the drill and use the 3/8 masonry bit to make a hole in the center of the 7 inch saucer. To make this step easier, place the saucer over a piece of wood to help support and stabilize it. Check to make sure the plastic tubing fits through the hole, if it doesn’t use the round file to open it up further.

Use the round file to file four notches in the 6 inch flowerpot lid so that there’s one on each side and they’re across from one another. Next, take one of the 4 inch saucers and file 4 notches in it, then file a notch in the lip of the 7 inch saucer as well (this will be your spout so file in a downwards motion to make it flow better).

Attach the plastic tubing to the pump’s outlet and then place the 6 inch pot upside down over the pump, bringing the tubing up through the hole in its center. Lay the 7 inch saucer atop this pot, bringing the tubing up through the hole that you previously drilled in it. Fiddle with the tubing until the pump rests flat on the bottom and then trim the tube so that a half inch or so of length extends from the top. Seal this end with silicone sealer and allow it to dry completely.

Next, place the 4 inch saucer that you filed four notches in over the tubing and then place the 4 inch pot upside down next to the first column. Follow that by placing the 6 inch saucer on top of it. Take another 4 inch saucer and place it upside down next to the second column before finally placing the remaining 4 inch saucer on top of it.

Now that the basic assembly is done, fill the base of the fountain up with water. Plug in the pump to an appropriate outlet and make sure it runs smoothly before adding the final effects. You can use pebbles, marbles, glass, stones other types of decorative rocks, flowers, plants, and whatever else you can think of.

Now you can enjoy the relaxing sounds and tranquil sights of your fountain all summer long!

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