Apparently If You Massage This Spot On Your Ear THIS Happens!

Let’s face it, we all suffer from stress in our day to day lives.  How we handle it is key to our life satisfaction, so I always pay attention to new information in the medical community that could be of help.  Dr. Mark Sandomirsky has begun to spread a new technique, that he has been teaching his patients.  New to Western medicine, it has proven to be an effective way of relieving stress.

The emotional stress we experience can be manifested into physical pain.  Some of us somaticize our stress through head pain, stomach pain, neck stiffness and back pain among other body parts.  Accupressure has been shown to relieve many areas of pain in the body.

There appears to be a point on the outside of the ear, that has the ability to relieve stress better than most.  It is known in Chinese medicine as “Shen Men” (“The Gate of Heaven”). By putting pressure on this point, that is illustrated in the video below, it is believed that energy is infused to the entire body.  In so doing, overall health is improved and stress is reduced to a manageable calming level.

Watch the video so that you can target the exact point, which Dr. Sandomirsky says is best massaged with the tip of a Q-tip, as this point is in a small space in the upper part of the outer ear.  Deep breathing while you massage the Shen Men point makes this accupressure more effective; turn your head to the left when you inhale and to the right when you exhale.

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