THIS Wild Bear Came To This Man’s Window Looking For Food At :07 Seconds It’s Hilarious!

Wild bears are adorable. Their big pleading eyes are akin to the look you get from a puppy that instantly melts your heart. The animal’s gaze begs for compassion, and efficiently making you weak in the knees, you give in to their desire for attention.

The irresistible stare almost always is a cry for fulfillment of their hearts, not from tenderness and love, but through the comfort of a full belly. This bear presented a grand act by batting its innocent eyes right outside some people’s window in Siberia.

As if showing up at a drive through for its meal, the bear props itself up on the sill waiting for snacks. The spectacle of the situation was sure to bring him success as human laughter and entertainment lead a cookie to his mouth.

The bear gently nibbles the treat and when finished, unashamedly looks back with obvious expectation for more. His request is granted as another cookie is handed over and each time he’s finished the process is repeated.

At some point the man feeding the bear decides to up the ante by attempting to teach the beast to shake his hand in order to receive more sweets, but the bear is unresponsive and, despite his remorselessness, given more cookies anyway.

It appears as though the bear has no limit to his calorie intake, and is speeding right through sugar high straight on toward diabetes. These men can be sure to expect a regular visitor when the bear’s glucose crashes and his sugar addiction escalates from soft eyes to growling demands. He will be back to get his fix!

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