Guys Were Working When They Spot a Puppy Covered In Mud. But When They Wash Him Off They Get an Unthinkable Surprise!

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Canary Wharf in London is heavily populated with skyscrapers and businesses. It also is constantly the setting of construction sites. It’s certainly not the place where one would expect to encounter exotic wildlife. However, on a normal day in 2012, some construction workers would find just that.

On a particularly nice spring day, a group of builders was digging away at a site in the area. In the midst of this digging, they encountered something strange. One worker heard cries coming from a hole in the construction site. Upon further investigation, he spotted a lump at the bottom. A lump that was moving.

The workers sprung into action devising a plan to rescue the lump. They pulled it out of the hole and observed an animal caked in mud. It was so completely coated in mud that most of its features had been obscured. They could make out what they thought might be a puppy.

The so-called puppy was in bad shape and clearly needed special attention. They brought the animal to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The specialists removed the mud from the animal and nursed it back to health. It was only then that they identified the animal. It was not a puppy at all! In fact, it was actually a four-month-old red fox.

The workers were amazed that such an animal had been in such an urban area. Remarkably, according to an estimate published by the Guardian in 2017, there are actually close to 150,000 urban foxes living in the UK. Who knew?

Watch the video below for the full story:

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