Apparently If You Eat Curry 3 Times Per Week THIS Happens To Your Body!

Current scientific research, reported by a longitudinal Harvard study of almost a half million Chinese men and women, showed evidence that adding curry to their diet decreased their risk of premature death by 14%. The study, conducted over a 7 year period, showed that people eating curry at least 3 times a week seemed to live longer.

This adds to the evidence from previous studies which have concluded that curry is beneficial in increasing metabolism, lowering the bodies inflammation (CANCER-FIGHTING) and combatting heart disease. In that context, the results of the Harvard study showing increased longevity, make sense.

The refinement of curry has occurred over time since its discovery during the 17th century. The spice that you will find in stores, which has a yellow-orange appearance, is actually a mix of turmeric, coriander, a variety of chili peppers, cumin and fenugreek.

These have all been shown to have these powerful anti-inflammatory powers which result in a healthier life, as long as either lifestyle choices are consistent. In the current study, the subjects ate meals chock full of Chili, that is packed with disease fighting nutrients that keeps weight down and fights inflammation.

Curry can be incorporated into your diet by adding it to food you make at home. It comes in a powder or paste form; by adding at least a teaspoon or more of the paste or powder to dishes, you will be ensuring that your diet is a healthier one.

It can be added to chicken, sandwiches, soups , stir fries and many other dishes. The importance of eating a curry and turmeric rich diet is discussed in the video below in some greater depth. Let us know if you will try adding this antioxidant-rich spice to your diet.

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