Apparently THIS Is The Simple Life Hack To Fix Any Broken Zipper That Won’t Close!

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A broken zipper can wreak havoc and make life difficult in different ways. It can cause your favorite pair of jeans to become unwearable, render clothes useless, and leave you in a last minute bind when traveling. That’s the worst case scenario, when your jam packed suitcase won’t shut and your at the airport trying to check luggage.

Nightmares like this happen all the time and if hasn’t happened to you yet, it likely will one day. Instead of tossing articles of clothing or bags out, try fixing the zipper yourself. The repair method covered in this video will help if the problem your having is that the zipper won’t close when zipping from the bottom up.

The experts at UCAN Zippers USA guide us through the basic steps necessary to close a stubborn zipper, so follow along closely because this may come in handy one day! When a zipper stops zipping, it’s usually caused by the slider part wearing out because of all the repetitive pulling back and forth on it.

You will need to clamp down on the mouth of the slider, on both the front and back sides of it, so that it grips and grabs the teeth as you slide it along. If done right, this will bring the sides of the zipper together smoothly and thus close it as you go.

All that you need to do is take a pair of pliers and clamp them down on one side of the mouth of the slider. Go easy, don’t apply too much pressure, and test it out as you go to see how it slides. If it’s still not working, clamp down with the pliers on the other side of the slider and try it again.

Be patient and keep pressing the pliers onto the sides of the slider mouth until your finally able to close the zipper. That’s it!

To see exactly how it’s done and for heaps more insightful information on all things zippers, check out the video and you’ll never get your zipper stuck again!

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