Video: Father And Son May Have Caught On Camera The Most Detailed Video Of A UFO Ever!

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When a father and son stepped out of an Ohio diner after eating dinner the last thing they ever thought they’d see was an alien spacecraft. But that seems to be exactly what Tom and his son Christopher (no last name was given) saw when they looked up at the sky on Saturday at around 7 p.m. in the evening.

The pair quickly whipped out cameras and were able to catch pictures and film of the strange flying object. The resulting images and recording have since been uploaded to YouTube and are being described as some of the clearest footage and evidence of UFO’s ever captured.

The strange black craft appears to resemble a butterfly shape and when images of it are further enhanced details such as windows and lights can be made out. The two men who saw it claim that it made no noise and silently glided through the sky, and that two black military-type helicopters were also observed following it.

However, the helicopters were seen going quickly by about 5 minutes after they had filmed the craft passing and since they were driving in the opposite direction they were unable to film them as well. The YouTube channel that posted the incredible video, Secureteam10, is run by Tyler Glockner, a man who describes himself as a genuine alien researcher.

He said that he chose to call this a sighting of an alien craft, and not just a UFO, because of “the stunning detail where we can see the true structural characteristics of this ship.” No other pictures of similar quality and detail have yet to emerge in regards to UFO/alien sightings and this one is the first of its kind.

Naturally, the footage has attracted the attention of skeptics, de-bunkers, and conspiracy theorists who have offered up a number of alternative explanations for the video. Some say it’s man made and likely a top secret government project, others claim it to be the work of CGI animation, and some view it as an enhanced glider or drone type of unmanned craft.

Whatever the true explanation may be, one thing is for certain. It has managed to capture the attention and imaginations of countless numbers of people the world over, and has reignited interest in the long standing question of whether or not we are truly alone in this universe.

Take a moment to view the images and video and then decide for yourself if this is evidence of aliens or something else…

Do you think this is Real or Fake?

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If You Notice A Purple Butterfly Above A Newborn At The Hospital, THIS Is What It Means..

When Millie found out she was having twins, she and her husband Lewis were so excited. Millie’s family had a history of twins, so her delight in continuing the tradition felt just right.  Unfortunately, this exciting news was followed by a finding by the doctors, that was like a punch in the stomach.

They were informed that one of the unborn twins had a rare condition that causes severe developmental effects on the brain.  Known as Anencephaly, this condition in newborns has a survival rate of only a few days.  Taking in the shock of this awful news, and having to go throughthe pregnancy knowing only one of your children will survive, was unimaginably hurtful.

The mixed feelings of grieving impending loss while looking forward to the birth of a healthy child, must be terribly confusing and stressful.  At the time of the birth, Millie ended up having an emergency C-section, and the affected twin whom they named Skye, died soon after.  The video you are about to watch below tells the story of what occurred next.

As they were dealing with the loss and attending to their healthy newborn, a stranger who knew nothing of their circumstances, made a throw-away comment which had a far-reaching impact…”You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins…”

The person was just trying to be supportive and was completely unknowing of their situation.  Millie became hysterical as the comment stung badly, in her vulnerable state.  Although she realized the comment was unintentionally hurtful, the experience gave birth to her idea for protecting other parents from such unknowing comments.  Although the comment was meant to be humorous, she said that those words nearly broke her; it was then that the idea of the purple butterfly as a sign of loss came to her.

In order to raise awareness about loss in a multiple pregnancy Millie and Lewis, and the need for sensitivity, they started the “Skye High Foundation”.  Named after the child they lost, their goal was to have purple butterfly stickers (below) in neonatal wards in hospitals across the nation!

Their intention is to try to save parents who are grieving such a terrible loss, added trauma by unknowing people.  They have started a fund for parents in similar circumstances, and being courageous and caring in attempting to turn their personal tragedy, into support for others.

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