These Are The 10 Jobs That Have The Most Psychopaths. Did Yours Make The List?

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Where can most psychopaths be found? The answer may surprise you, or maybe not, after you read up on the traits and behaviors that are most commonly associated with them. While not every psychopath fits the general description, the many medical and clinical studies done over the years on the topic have narrowed down the personality type to a very accurate profile.

Overall, psychopaths exhibit three specific qualities that include impulsiveness, fearlessness, and risk taking. With that tidbit of information in mind, here are the top 10 careers that the most psychopaths have chosen to pursue:

1. CEO 2. Lawyer 3. Media Personality, Radio and TV 4. Sales Person 5. Surgeon 6. Journalist 7. Police Officer 8. Clergy 9. Chef 10. Civil Servant

So what exactly is a psychopath? A psychopath is a person who displays a psychopathic personality, which is a type of personality disorder that’s marked by a lack of empathy for others, little to no inhibition, and general behavior that’s anti-social in nature. Individuals who are easy to anger and quick to resort to violence without thinking about the future implications of their actions, are representative of such a personality.

They often act aggressively to get what they want and all along the way they fail to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of other people. For a psychopath, the ends always justify the means, but only if it turns out that they get exactly what they desire.

A common characteristic displayed by psychopaths is egoism, and in terms of their own self-interest, they are often quite narcissistic. As such, this type of person is very selfish and absorbed in their looks and appearance. They often love themselves above all others and have warped views of love and affection towards other people.

Whether or not an individual falls under the categorical definition of a psychopath, and to what degree, can be determined by a number of different diagnostic criteria. Each test looks at a person’s choices, actions, feelings, and mindset to see whether or not they display the common characteristics attributed to a psychopathic personality.

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