He Attached THIS Hose To A Coffee Can. The Final Result Is Unexpectedly Awesome!

There’s something about dry ice that just fascinates people. Maybe it has something to do with it’s powerful nature that makes it so dramatic! It was once the “go-to”, before refrigeration, to get perishable items sent long distance. Today, in the medical and scientific fields, it is still widely used for cooling.

This DIY revolves around the more theatrical nature of dry ice. YouTuber KipKay cleverly shows us how to manipulate dry ice to become misty fog, that happens when it gets converted from solid to gas. It’s a great weekend project to do with your friends or kids.

For those of you who just love the mysterious atmosphere created by a fog machine, watch this creation and let us know if you have fun making it. Always remember that you need proper ventilation when manipulating dry ice, because it is carbon dioxide. Keep your work space filled with oxygen!

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Woman Places A Rubber Band Around This Coffee Filter And Dunks It In Water. WATCH What It Becomes!

When it comes to getting someone special in your life a gift nothing is more thoughtful and unique than something homemade.  These hand crafted flowers are perfect for decorations and make a great alternative gift to give a party host instead of the traditional bottle of wine.  No special occasion is needed to hand these beauties out, present one to someone you appreciate, and show them you care.

To make your own you will need coffee filters, scissors, a straw/pen/pipe cleaner or similar object, small rubber band, masking or duct tape, and glue.  The first method is called the bunch n’ crunch where you pinch a filter in the center and bunch up the remaining material into a flower like form.  Add in layers by pinching 3-6 filters onto the first and ruffle them into shape until you have a nice, full flower.

Take a rubber band to bind the base of the filters securely in place.  To add petals, cut a filter into leaf-like shapes then glue them on behind any layer of flower, or wherever you think looks best.  For the stem, attach a pipe cleaner on by wrapping it around the base of the flower or glue it on.  You can style filters by dyeing, painting, cutting, and shaping them before you begin bunching to add more variety and uniqueness to the flowers.

The second method is the singular rose technique in which you cut a filter into a spiral.  Start cutting at the outside edge, around and inwards towards the center, leaving the spiral about an inch or two wide.  Roll out 2 feet of tape sticky side up, secure it down at both ends, and place one end of the filter spiral down on the top half of it.

Unwind the spiral along the tape, making sure it overlaps as much as possible while you bunch and stick it on from one end to the other.  Attach a pen or straw to one end the tape then slowly wrap it around until it’s completely rolled up into a flower.  If you want you may attach more tape to the stem to further secure it to the flower.  Watch the video for more tips and instructions on how to craft these beautiful flowers!

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