Baby Tries To Cuddle With This Husky. The Dog’s Reaction Is Totally Unexpected!

As this video shows, there is nothing sweeter or more adorable than a newborn baby getting along well and playing with their best dog friend.  The Siberian husky gently snuggles and licks the 7 month old, all the while being very careful and never rough with the child.  The baby clearly loves it and giggles with delight when kissed and nuzzled by friendly pup.  Any parent would love to see this ideal type of child/family pet interaction.  And, any parent can help foster such a relationship, so long as they prepare and plan for the eventual meeting of their newborn and the family dog.

From a dog’s perspective a newborn baby in the family means a lot of changes.  The family routine is strikingly different, unfamiliar sounds, smells and sights abound, and oftentimes less attention is paid to them.  There are several important ways to prepare and introduce the family dog to a new baby in the house that will make the transition much easier and less overwhelming for everyone involved.

Having an idea of what to expect and planning for the moment can help it go smooth and put any parent’s mind to rest.  Below are some key points on what you can do, but keep in mind that there are many additional tips and suggestions that can help guide you.

First, the dog needs to be taught, and know well, basic social skills on how to safely interact with people.  Obedience training is essential if you want your pet to truly listen and act on your commands, and many classes, books and DIY guides are readily available to help with this.  At the first meeting between the two, choose a calm, quiet room and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Always hold the baby and supervise the interaction; never ever let a dog be alone with an unfamiliar baby.  Always try to avoid scolding or yelling at the dog because they will negatively associate that with the child.  Instead, reward them for good behavior, speak gently and try to relax as much as possible.

Dogs take cues from their owners and can pick up on the most subtle of emotions.  Once you get a feel for the situation, guide their interaction from there to where it needs to go, and stay positive because getting used to changes takes time.

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