He Pours Boiling Hot Water On His Dented Bumper. Now Watch What Happens To The Dent!

Who wouldn’t like to save on the expense of bringing your car to a body shop when your bumper has been dented without any damage to the paint.  There are plenty of auto body repairs that you can take care of yourself, but the DIY approach you are about to watch in this video is so simple with incredible results!

Using a pail or teapot of boiling water, you will see how miraculously this guy fixes a dent to perfection.  Probably using rubber gloves for the safety of your hands would be advisable.  He pours a good amount of hot water on the outside of dent.  I’m watching, and can’t imagine where this is going!

He then reaches into the wheel well while the urethane is still hot and malleable, and pushes the bumper out to it’s original shape (This is best done on newer cars that have urethane rather than the metal on much older cars). It just pops right out, looking exactly as it did before the damage.

How does that magic occur?  The heat causes the plastic of the bumper to expand, allowing for flexibility that enables you to pop it back into shape.  Pouring a pot of cold water on it once it’s been reshaped will quickly cool it down, shrinking the plastic back into place and setting it in it’s repaired position.

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VIDEO: Car Repair Shops Don’t Want You To See THIS But It Will Save You A Lot Of Money!

This is so cool! Do you have a dent in your car, or know someone who does? This trick could save you hundreds of dollars in costly body shop repairs. If you are able to hold a can of compressed air, you can try this yourself! I have a dent in my car, and I’m going to go try it as soon as I finish writing this.

The video shows that it is possible to fix some small dents yourself using this secret method, which was passed down to us through generation after generation of ambitious mechanics. Now we have the secret!

Gather your family and friends, bring them to a celebratory occasion to see the glory of your wondrous deeds, as you gather your instruments of demonstration. With your hair dryer and can of compressed air poised and ready, you express gratitude to the elemental forces that have combined in just such a way so as to allow this magical transformation that is about to take place.

You blow the car with hot air, then quickly follow with the can of compressed, cold air. Moments pass, and nothing happens. You start to sweat a little, your anxiety beginning to build as everyone watches intently to see if you will succeed or fail in your lofty undertaking.

With a sudden, loud pop, the dent snaps back into place, leaving a perfect surface that may have never been dented in the first place. You smile broadly as you look around at all the surprised faces and hands covering jaws agape mid-gasp. You have succeeded where so many have failed, you have done the impossible, and you are now officially DIY certified. Congratulations!

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A Simple Hack That Will Easily Get Rid Of a Dent In Your Car. Auto Shops Don’t Want You To Know.

2f32323f232f32f32f33f2323image via – youtube.com

Finding a dent on your car is never a pleasant experience. Whether you accidentally dinged something and caused it or not, at some point it’s bound to happen to just about everyone who owns a car. Car dents are frustrating and no one want to be stuck with an ugly, unsightly blemish that will probably end up costing a lot of money to have professionally repaired.

Rather then going through all that hassle, stay home and skip having to bring your car to an expensive body shop to get it fixed. Instead, fix it on your own at a fraction of the cost, time, and energy. This short clip shows you exactly how simple and easy it is to repair a small car dent with just a hairdryer and a can of compressed air!

In the video a man quickly demonstrates the tried and true technique on a white Toyota Sienna. Here’s a breakdown of what he did and more information on what you’ll need to do for this to work.

1. Heat the surface of the dent with a hairdryer for two minutes
– Use a medium heat setting
– Hold the hairdryer approximately 5-7 inches away from the car
– If the dent is on the larger side, heat it evenly by waving the dryer back and forth

2. Spray the dent with a can of compressed air for 30-50 seconds
– Shake the can before using it
– Hold the can upside down, this makes it blow out extremely cold air

This works because the direct heat causes the surface area of the dent to expand, then the super cold air makes it rapidly contract. This sudden change causes the dent to come right out, and voilà- just like that your car changes back to its original form, right in front of your eyes!

The hardest part about this will be remembering to get a can of air duster, which you find at a wide variety of stores, and you likely have a hairdryer at home or at least know someone who does! Check out the video and be sure to try this on any ugly little car dents that may be bothering you!

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