THIS Guy Was Swimming In The Lake When Something Brushed Up Against His Leg. But Then a Small Foot Appeared!

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Nothing cools you down faster on hot summer’s day than taking a dip in a cool mountain lake.  That was exactly what Angelo Mondragon set out to do on a sizzling hot July afternoon. The 32 year old plumber from Fort Collins, Colorado was in the middle of his summer vacation when he decided to visit friends and family at nearby Windsor Lake.  He was looking forward to relaxing by the waters edge and took along his wife and children.

Once they got to the lake, Angelo and his family found a nice spot to set up on the beach.  Since it was a hot Sunday afternoon in July the place was pretty packed with other young families hoping to escape the oppressive heat.  After settling in and making sure everyone was all set, Angelo headed straight towards the water for a that refreshing dip he’d been looking forward to.

When he entered the water, nothing seemed amiss.  Kids were yelling and splashing all around, playing games and having a blast while their parents and older adults chatted on the beach.  As he waded in further to waist deep water, he suddenly felt something bump against his leg. Whatever it was felt soft and very strange, and Angelo later explained that “It felt like something you normally wouldn’t feel in the water.”  Wanting to find out what the heck it was, he gently toed at it to bring it up towards the surface. That’s when he saw the bottom of young child’s foot floating in the water.  

Looking down in shock and horror, Angelo gasped before quickly grabbing the baby and screaming for help.  He carried the little girl out of the water, yelling for her family all the while and for someone to call 9-1-1.  The toddler was limp and lifeless in his hands, wasn’t breathing, and had already turned blue. It didn’t look good at all. 

Once he got the child onto the beach two off-duty nurses and an off-duty police officer ran over to help him administer CPR.  As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, he prayed that the girl would make it. Working together, they all managed to revive the girl and by the time the ambulance brought her to the hospital she had regained consciousness and was alert.  

The following day Angelo got to meet the little girl he’d saved less than 24 hours earlier at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora where she was in good condition.  Her name was Sitlali Hernandez, she was just 3 years old, and had been at the lake that day with her family, just like he was with his three young kids. He also met Sitlali’s mother, who thanked him for his quick action and saving her child’s life.  

In a later interview Angelo remarked that “If I was not in that right spot at the right time, it could have been a search and rescue mission.  As I told the little girl’s mom, when I saw the baby’s toes, that became my baby.” In the wake of the incident, he decided to try and rally the local community and businesses around collecting flotation devices for anyone who might need but doesn’t have or can’t afford them.  He was inspired to act, and who knows, he may end up saving more lives down the line.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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You Will Not Believe Your Eyes When You See How This Pup Saved THIS Toddler’s Life!

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Experts believe that man and the canine first became friends and later domesticated anywhere from 16,000 – 32,000 years ago. Over thousands of years the bond between our two species has become even more intertwined. The canine is almost always refferred to as “Man’s Best Friend”. Anybody who has one of these incredible fur babies can attest to just how strong a friendship and bond can be between a pup and his human. Over 1000’s of years dog’s have evolved with humans and sometimes this evolution can be visually striking as the sizes and shapes of canine’s continues to change.

Whether its burrowing into small holes to catch badgers and rabbits, being a home security system, cleaning up rats and other rodents, being a service dog for the handicapped, tracking scents in hunting or police work, saving people from fires, herding sheep for farmers our furry little friends can do just about anything! Sometimes just sitting on the couch and binge-watching some shows with your pup can be one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to spend your day.

In today’s incredible video we will be featuring the story of a young 14 month old boy named Stanley, Labrador Retriever named Bear, and his mother Patricia.  If you have ever had children you know what’s they get past their first birthday, toddlers start to be able to explore their environment. This is obviously just a natural and healthy part of childhood development, however during the time the child is this age, you have to remain extra vigilant to make sure your baby doesn’t wander off into a dangerous situation.

Stanley like many other kids his age, loves to shadow and follow behind his mom wherever she goes. Whether it’s to the kitchen, the yard or to the driveway your toddler is most likely to be right behind you kind of like a dog. On one particular morning mama Patricia had been doing some gardening with Stanley by her side getting some fresh air, sunshine and some exercise.

When Patricia finished up the job in her garden, she headed to the garage to put away all the gardening tools. After she put the tools back in their proper place, she looked around and Stanley had vanished. Patricia like any other mom immediately began to panic screaming out his name, searching everywhere and hoping and praying he would just show up safe.

When she got to the backyard she saw Stanley in the pool, but he wasn’t swimming, he was in the pool floating face up, but he was unconscious. She jumped into the pool grabbed him and luckily he was breathing but still not conscious.

Somehow, Bear the Labrador Retriever sensed that his little brother could possibly be in grave danger as he heard him splashing around in the water. Without hesitation, the dog leaped into action, jumping into the pool, swimming beneath Stanley, lifting him up to the surface and finally turning the toddler face up so he wouldn’t drown or swallow any water! What is even more amazing, is Bear stayed underneath the boy, keeping him floating above the surface and stayed as still as possible so the boy wouldn’t tip over sideways and go back under the water’s surface!

Patricia carried him out of the water and brought him to the local fire station where he regained conscious and made a complete recovery! His big bro Bear had saved his life and became a local hero among the community! Good boy! 🙂

Watch the video below to see the top 10 best dog’s saving humans. Stanley, Patricia and Bear’s story begins at 3:59:

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