This Snake Tries To Eat Her Baby Bunnies. What The Mom Does Next Is So Unexpected!

Nature can be cruel and unforgiving. That is exactly what is on display in this recently uploaded YouTube video. The footage was captured by a man who seems to be looking on a safe distance away alongside his young children and wife. They chose not to interrupt the scene of survival and protection between a wild rabbit and snake. This video may be disturbing to some, especially small children, just so you are aware.

It starts off with a long, black snake coiled up in a shallow rabbit den. The snake has already captured and wrapped itself around one of the tiny baby rabbits and looks to be preparing to kill and swallow it. Before the serpent has a chance, the mother rabbit returns, and she is in full on protection mode.

The sight of her poor, helpless baby bunny in the snake’s clutches brings out her natural instincts and she immediately launches her attack. The stunned snake writhes around and releases it’s hold on the tiny baby, while the other little bunnies use the distraction as a means to escape and fly out of the nest.

It hardly ends there though and the mother continues to chase the snake further away from her babies and the nest. She grabs it with her teeth and claws, then lays down on her side and kicks out at it repetitively, which is what rabbits do when they fight.

Every time the snake escapes her clutches and tries to slither away she pursues, and keeps dealing it a series of blows with her back feet. There is no doubt that she is just as shocked as the snake is, and all the adrenaline, sadness, anger, and emotions she may be experiencing make her react fearlessly. After a minute or two of biting and kicking the snake’s tail, she lets off, and it manages to slither away.

The mother likely wanted to inflict serious injury to the snake so that it would go elsewhere and think twice before trying to eat her babies ever again. She knows that this snake will always pose a threat and it may potentially return to try and harm or kill her defenseless babies. She will have to move her babies and rebuild the nest somewhere else, safer and more protected, but at least she scared the serpent off and saved her family.

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