Baby Puts On Her Glasses. Her Reaction When She Sees Her Parents For the First Time Is Priceless!

The process of creating a little baby human is remarkable. There are so many possibilities for something to go wrong, it is amazing that there are as many people on this planet as there are. More often than not, people are born with all the correct features for a successful life on Earth. We have the right number of fingers and toes, normally proportioned limbs, and most impressively, healthy functioning organs and senses.

Jessica Sinclair’s mother radar was alerted when she realized that her infant daughter, Piper, was not yet crawling. Although the little girl seemed to be otherwise healthy and of normal physical appearance, Jessica took Piper to the doctor to have her eyesight checked.

As it turned out, she was prescribed a fairly strong prescription for glasses. Jessica picked out the most adorable pink eye wear for Piper to finally see clearly with. The wonders of modern technology and medicine is absolutely incredible.

In this video, you can watch Piper go from blurry vision to clarity at a restaurant with her parents. Once given the glasses, the baby gleefully giggles and smiles, looking back and forth between her mom and dad.

Her mother assures her she is beautiful in her new accessory and dad chimes in his excitement too. The happy baby continues to see the world through new eyes thanks to a little help from the doc and her mother’s keen intuition.

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Wild Gorilla Sees His Reflection In A Mirror For The 1st Time. His Unexpected Reaction Is Hilarious!

Imagine seeing yourself for the first time in your life.  What would that be like?  Would you like what you see?  Would you hate it?  Would you be intrigued? We all take the mirror for granted, but sometimes we forget that most creatures have never laid eyes on one.

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre placed some mirrors in the forest so he could catch some wildlife interacting with their reflections for the first time. This is one of the coolest and strangest photography experiments I have ever witnessed.

The results he captured are just stunning.  While some of the animals enjoyed what they saw, some seemed perplexed while others seemed to be enraged and didn’t want anything to do with the animal in the mirror. Each animals reaction is so unique and different. Nature never ceases to amaze.

It is so interesting how the different animals react to themselves.  I think the leopards had the best reaction of them all. Which animal’s reaction did you like the best? Let us know.

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Boxer Puppy Tries To Howl At His Mom For The First Time. But What Comes Out Is Priceless!

A puppies first howl or attempt at making a certain sound is bound to be adorable.  Most proud owners want to preserve the memory of their pet’s first squeak, meow, growl, howl, bark, whine, or whatever noise they muster up.  Thanks to YouTube channel For the Love of Boxers, we too can witness Tobias, a 3 week old puppy, trying out a howl.

The cuddly pup sits perched atop his owner looking impossibly cute with his tiny wrinkled face, innocent sleepy eyes, and head resting on his (yet to be grown into) big front paws.  That image of him alone is enough to make anyone sigh and wish for their own puppy-pal.  When his lady friend begins to make dog sounds for him to imitate he quickly tries his best to copy her.  He lets out whimpers and cries and eventually manages to make a faint howl sound.

The cutest part is when he takes a break between tries and ends up making a snort or chortling sound.  The little guy has heart and keeps trying.   Eventually he will master the sounds that grown up dogs make but for now his squeaks are just as good and much more endearing.

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