What Level Of Maturity Is Your Soul?

Souls are mainly regarded as the spiritual part of a person’s life. They cannot be physically seen or touched yet they’re always present with us and embody our spirit and inner fire. It’s believed that souls never die, instead they’re immortal and go on to live many lives through rebirth, making them eternal and everlasting.

Even though our souls are essentially ageless, they’re often described as being old, young, mature, ancient, and so forth. While those descriptions infer age, they also impart different levels of maturity as well. It’s this level of maturity that is influencing how old our souls are believed to be.

Therefore, it follows that the more developed, wise, and knowledgeable a person is viewed as, the higher their soul’s level of maturity is. The same goes for the opposite and all the levels of maturity in-between.

This is why there are many people who appear to be, or feel like they are, old souls. These individuals are often wise beyond their years and in tune with whatever life sends their way. They show deep connections with their spirituality and tend to feel more empathy towards others.

In contrast, some people seem to have young new souls. They tend to be more playful, progressive, and free with their thoughts and actions. Those who are young at heart usually enjoy activities that keep them in touch with their youth.

To determine what level of maturity your soul is you need to examine the state you’re currently at in life. Things like what you enjoy doing or desire the most and hold near and dear to your heart can reveal where your soul is at on its endless journey.

Generally speaking, our preferences and choices reflect broadly on our lives and the paths we have taken to get to this point in them. This quiz will tell you what level of maturity your soul is at. Work through it and see if the results reflect your guess as to whether or not you’re an old or new soul! What level did you get?

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