Mom Allows The Baby To Give The Dog His Last Cookie. It Would Be The Biggest Mistake He Ever Made!

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Sharing is caring, at least most of the time it is. You have to be conscious of the thought or idea that you are giving something away with both knowledge of the fact and good intent behind it. These things are all learned in due time from our interactions and experiences with others, like our parents, teachers, friends, and even our pets and animals.

One little baby boy ended up learning an important life lesson when it comes to over-sharing. Noah was eating his mid-afternoon cookie snack alongside his mother and the family dog, a Boxer named Josie, when he noticed his four legged friend giving him sad little puppy eyes.

The sight proved irresistible even to young Noah, who gingerly reached over and offered up a cookie to Josie. The clever dog gently took the generous offering and scarfed the tasty cookie down in mere seconds.

It was a sweet and tender moment at first, but then the realization dawned on Noah. That was my last cookie. You can see that thought gradually spread across his face as he looks in his hands and all around confused, as if to say “where’s my cookie?”

After searching to no avail, his wide eyed bewilderment gave way to disappointment. Once that sets in poor baby Noah starts to cry but hopefully his mother gave him another cookie to ease the pain. Perhaps next time he won’t be so quick to share with the family dogs. Then again, kids are kids and it may take him several times to realize that!

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