Apparently I’ve Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong This Whole Time. THIS Is The Only Way It Should Be Done

Everyone loves the delicious POTATO.  It is truly one of the most whole and nutritious foods that has gotten the bad rap…of being fattening.  This is untrue, and has to do with the condiments or other foods added to the potato which make it fattening.

Many people hate the drudgery of peeling potatoes, which in actuality shouldn’t be done, because most of the nutritional elements as well as the flavor lay right beneath the potato skin.  So, what to do?  The video you are about to watch below, contains one of the simplest yet best food hacks I’ve seen.

With a single move, you will see how to get by the drudgery of peeling an “uncooked” potato, retain the flavor and nutritional value that the skin offers, while eliminating it from your palate.  It is so simple and offers you the best possible result. Let us know what you think.

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Potatoes are among the most popular and versatile food items that are readily available at any local grocery store. Just like rice, corn, and wheat, they rank among the world’s top grown crops and consumed foods. A potato can be transformed and prepared in many different ways and be served hot or cold. People love them mashed, baked, fried, hashed, steamed, and chipped.

One of the easiest and most basic ways to cook them is by boiling them in hot water until tender the whole way through. However, this leads to the biggest downside of whipping up a tasty batch of spuds, which is hands down having to scrub and peel them.

Their rough, pocketed skins are a pain to remove with a conventional peeler and if you have a bunch to get through it takes seemingly forever. This negative type of potato peeling experience can be forever banished if you employ a simple new method for doing the task.

YouTube extraordinaire and life hack genius DaveHax shows us the light in his video on how to quickly peel a potato. Start by picking one up and carefully cut a skin-deep slice all around the center of it.

Try to ensure that the ends of the cut meet each other and don’t make it too deep, cut just enough to break the skin’s surface. Place the prepped potatoes in an empty pan, pour boiling hot water over them from a kettle, then crank the stove up to boil them further, and remove them once fully cooked.

Drain the hot tater water into a separate pan and run the potatoes under cool water until they are safe to handle. Grab one and gently pull the skin off, pulling outwards from where you cu tit earlier. The skins should all slide right off and the potato will still be hot and ready to eat.

Try this almost effortless peeling method the next time you’re having potatoes for dinner, or when you need to shave minutes off your dinner prep time, and pass it along to convenience others!

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