6 Clear Signs You Have Had Past Lives and Been Reincarnated Numerous Times.

To be reincarnated means to be reborn again. At its most basic core, reincarnation is the belief that after a person dies their soul continues on and starts life over once again. As time marches on, so do our spirits and we will all end up leading a number of new lives in completely different bodies. This all ties in with the constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth that’s all around us and which the universe is forever engaged in. Each time our soul passes on it evolves and becomes wiser, more mature, knowledgeable, and spiritually connected to the universe. As such, people have lived many past lives and they will go on to have many future ones.

If you’ve ever noticed how some people just appear to be old souls, then you are recognizing the energy from their past lives manifesting in their present one. Many people even claim that they either know, feel, or can sense their past life identities in their current lives. They may have memories of the people and events or the places which were associated with who they used to be. Others are simply wise beyond their years and are in tune with whatever life sends their way.

Regardless of whether you can sense or feel your soul’s past or not, we are all a lot older than we’d like to admit! Many of us have died and been re-born again hundreds or thousands of times. It’s the complex interactions between all of our soul’s past lives and experiences that is what forms the deepest levels of our existence. If you believe that you have been reincarnated many times then you will have experienced many of the signs the accompanying video goes over. Six of them are covered in greater detail below and they all point towards a person having an old soul:

1. You have the natural gift of foresight:
If you always seem to find yourself sensing and knowing what is going to happen ahead of time then your level of foresight is sharp. Many people have instinctual feelings, which may even be felt physically, dreams, and other visions about what is to come. This is what’s known as precognition and it signifies that ones soul had developed and matured.

2. You can relate to how others are feeling:
Not only are you affected by how other people around you are feeling, you also take on those same emotions. Being empathetic signifies a deep connection with the universe at large and when you have lived many lives it becomes easy for you to plug into other peoples energy.

3. You have a powerfully accurate sense of yourself:
Those of us who are evenly balanced and conscious of our mind, body, and soul have developed this deep sense of self-intuition over many lifetimes. When you’re able to look inside and reach not only your consciousness but also your subconscious, or what’s hidden below and not so obvious, then you have successfully honed your soul’s connection with your real self.

4. You feel an attraction and kind of kinship for a particular era, place, or civilization:
When you are drawn to a certain culture or time period and you don’t quite know why you are so attracted to it, you just are, it’s your past life influencing your current one. Many people believe that having an inexplicable attraction and feeling of connection to times, places, cultures, societies, and environments is something that gets carried over and remains with your soul from a past life.

5. You have the same dream over and over again:
Recurring dreams are believed to signify recollections of memories from your past lives. These types of dreams are often realistic and life-like, extremely vivid, and oddly familiar in all respects. They stick in your mind well after you have woken up and you can both see and recall minute details from them in your mind’s eye even years later. That’s because at one point those dreams may have been a reality and you lived them in another past life.

6. You oftentimes get a sense of Déjà Vu:
That feeling you get when you sense that you’ve seen or experienced something that you’re currently in the midst of doing before is quite strange. Déjà vu is inevitable and uncontrollable. It always pops up suddenly and we can never prepare ourselves or expect it. It’s believed that déjà vu is connected to our past life experiences and the more past lives you’ve led, the more instances of déjà vu you’re likely to have.

Can you remember any of your past lives? How many signs of reincarnation do you have? let us know in the comments

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What Animal Were You In A Past Life? Find Out.

If you’ve often thought that some people look and act like certain animals, you’re not alone. I don’t mean in the ‘party animal’ context of the idea, but rather in a deeper and more subtle type of way. It often shows through in their mannerisms and behaviors, it’s almost as if they have some inner animal living within them that emerges every now and then and rears its head. Take a close look around and you’ll start noticing how many people share personalities and attributes with an animal. It’s super interesting to observe and once you notice, it’s hard to not see it!

When you stop to think about it, the inner animal connection makes complete sense. After all, we humans are animals ourselves. Even if we sometimes gloss over or forget about that fact and think of our species as above all the rest, we are animals through and through. Even if you fail to really see any animal aspects in either yourself or other people who you’re close to, it’s right there inside all of us and it’s a direct connection to our past lives.

For as long as humans have existed, and potentially even much longer, our souls have been on an endless and ongoing journey. If you follow the views and beliefs encompassed by reincarnation, then you’re familiar with the idea that we’ve all lived many lives to get to the current point that we are at right now. In each of our past life identities we’ve been someone or something completely different than our current form. In many of our existences we were not even human, instead we were animals!

Each time we died we were reborn and our soul switched bodies. Gradually we evolved and in the process we’ve managed to retain some of the characteristics and attributes from those past lives. Not many people identify as trees or grass, but every now and then you do hear of a strange past life identity. However, it’s the animal traits that tend to be among the strongest remnants of our past, which is partly why some people seem to act so much like certain animals. The animal quirks we display are often manifested broadly and as such, they can show up in just about any area or part of our lives. Sometimes they can be seen in our preferences, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, fears, and so on and so forth.

This interesting fun quiz will help you discover what animal you likely were in one of your past life identities. It’s easy and eye-opening to work through, just be sure to approach it with an open mind.

What animal were you in a past life? Let us know your results in the comments.

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