I Thought It Was Strange When He Put A Sock Filled With Cat Litter In His Car. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

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As Autumn begins, we enjoy the temperate weather and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  It’s time for some back to school shopping, some cool weather, hoodies, bonfires and of course pumpkin spice. However, before we know it, freezing cold mornings will be upon us.  There is nothing more frustrating, than running late to get the kids to school or getting off to work, because you can’t move until your window’s defrost!

This maddening wait in the freezing cold can be remedied, by this ingenious and simple solution offered in the video you are about to watch.  Would you believe that a pair of athletic socks and some cat litter is the answer to your woes?! It’s hard to believe but this little life hack is like a magic bullet for defrosting and dehumidifying that never ending foggy windshield.

Watch to see how he puts together the socks and a particular kind of cat litter. No fuss, no muss.  He leaves this great little device in the car until winter’s end.  Getting going in the morning, or for that matter anytime of day during the freezing days of winter, will no longer be hampered by frozen windows.  Watch carefully to see how it’s done, and why it works!

Watch the video below for the full tutorial:

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Her Daughter Had A Fever That Wouldn’t Go Away. But After She Put THIS In Her Sock And The Fever Broke!

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Onions may bring tears to your eyes but the slight, brief pain they cause is easily outweighed by the fact that they can also help fight against sickness and disease. The common bulbous vegetables are grown all over the globe and have been used in many different ways by various cultures.

Other than being edible and added to dishes to increase flavor, some people pickle and store them while others use half of one to clean BBQ grills, and some people even place them in socks at night to help their body heal. You read that last part correct; onions can help fight colds, fevers, and flu-like symptoms.

One mother found out about the healing properties of onions and decided to give them a try when her young daughter came down with a nasty fever. The little girl named Riley had been sick and was suffering from body aches, a headache, sore throat, and she’d developed a fever of 104 degrees.

Her mother was worried and desperately wanted to bring her baby’s fever down and make her feel better, but she didn’t want to go to the hospital just yet. That’s when her mother recommended that she try putting onions in Riley’s socks, which she promptly did.

The next day her daughter woke up and told her that she felt much better, her fever was gone and she was soon back to normal. The onions in her socks are what her mother credits for her sudden turn around and once you know the reasons why you’ll be trying this yourself!

The practice of placing onions on people’s feet can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese determined that there are thousands of nerve endings on the bottom of feet which act like access points to internal organs and are closely linked with our nervous systems.

When a cut onion is placed on the underside of the foot it kills germs and bacteria because onions naturally have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The phosphoric acid, the stuff that’s responsible for making you cry, enters into the bloodstream and helps purify the blood all over your body.

In turn, you become healthier and your improved body is better prepared to fight off infections and inflammation.
Many people have tried this alternative method and claim that it has worked wonders for them.

The positive response is encouraging, and with no apparent negative side effects, it seems like the onion theory could be beneficial to many people out there. Here is how you can try it at home:

Take an onion, red or white- they both work, and cut it into flat slices so they can be easily applied to the bottom of your feet. Pull on a pair of socks over the onions to keep them in place overnight and lay back and fall asleep. When you wake up remove the socks and discard the onions.

It’s that simple. As you dream the onion will seep in through your skin and work to purify blood and absorb toxins. If you’re worried about having a stinky smelling room or feet after this, don’t be. The onion’s natural properties also help purify the air in a room and since it kills bacteria it eliminates the main factor that causes foul smelling feet and gets rid of foot odor.

Putting onions in your socks at night may be just the right thing your body needs. It’s cheap, all natural, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Give it a try and see if it works. Pass this information with loved ones, they may find it extremely useful and benefit from it as well!

Watch the video below for more a more in depth description:

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He Places A Sock Filled With Salt On A Pan Heats It Then Puts It On His Ear. THIS Is The Reason Why!

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Ear infections can wreak havoc on our health and wellness. They often end up creating terrible and debilitating pain that for some people is chronic and lasts days without end. Children in particular are prone to developing them and it’s heartbreaking having to see your child suffer through the throbbing aches and pains.

Instead of enduring an earache or visiting the doctor, try this age old self-healing trick. It’s called “the magic salt sock” and all you needs is a clean, plain, all white, cotton sock and about 1½ cups of coarse sea salt. Pour the sea salt into the sock before tying it up and closing it off with a knot.

It’s vital that you use these exact two “ingredients” since no alternative versions of them will be nearly as effective. If you fail to use a plain cotton sock that is completely all white, and instead go with one that has even just a colored line on it, you’ll likely end up melting or even burning it.

There is something in the coloring which makes them highly flammable, so be aware and use caution. The sea salt also matters because of the larger sized, more coarse granules it comes in and its ability to retain heat. Regular old table salt won’t work and will just seep out of the sock, so don’t substitute it in place of the sea salt!

The next step is to warm up a skillet over medium-low heat before placing the salt sock in the pan. Allow it to heat up for about 4-6 minutes and every minute or so flip it over and shake it up so that it heats evenly all the way through. You’ll know the sock is done when it’s very warm to the touch, but not so hot that it might burn you.

Finally, all you have left to do is place the heated sock over your aching ear, making sure that it also rests on the area behind your jaw. Sit back and relax as the salt works to alleviate the aches and pains, while simultaneously helping to draw out any toxins in the ear. It’s that simple!

This is one of the best ways to naturally and effectively decrease any discomfort or inflammation in the ear that’s causing you pain. In addition to its natural healing properties, warm sea salt is also antiseptic and can draw out any moisture that may be in the ear.

Furthermore, the magical salt sock can be reused many times safely and effectively, but it will eventually discolor and you should replace it when it becomes worn, dirty, or old. Putting a cup or two of sea salt in a sock, warming it up on the stove, and placing it over your ear may be just the thing your body needs to feel better.

It’s cheap, all natural, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Many people have found soothing comfort and relief with this simple remedy and if you ever have an ear ache or pains, give it a try and see if it works. Pass this information on to your friends and family, they may find it extremely useful and beneficial as well!

Let us know if you tried out this life hack! Enjoy the video and tutorial below!

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