The City Wouldn’t Let Him Build His Garage. But What He Does Instead Is An Unexpected Surprise!

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Cities and towns can be very strict when it comes to what they will allow in regards to the types of buildings, and what they can be used for, within their limits. If you’ve ever lived in places with protected areas that aim to preserve the historic structures and aesthetic, then you know how picky and adamant the local laws and authorities can get.

Planning and zoning restrictions that govern where and how you can build certain structures can be a real pain in the rear to deal with. There’s a lot of red tape and paperwork to sort through before any permit is issued, if you’re lucky enough to even get one.

Eric Vekeman, a retired Belgium shop owner, was not so lucky. He was denied a permit by his local council because they believed his intended plans didn’t mesh well with the neighborhood aesthetic. Eric had owned and operated a food shop out of the ground level floor in his building and upon retiring he’d planned on converting the storefront into a garage to keep his car safe in.

Wanting to do the correct and legal thing, he first tried to get a permit and approval through the proper channels but as is common with these types of things, it was denied. The formal “no” left him with seemingly no other options, until he came up with an ingenious solution to solve his dilemma.

Since he couldn’t convert the space into a garage or install an automatic garage door, he got creative and worked around the restrictions. He secretly transformed his store into a garage anyways, and managed to do it in such a way that he’s fully compliant with all of the applicable laws.

His solution was to keep the overall storefront appearance intact and install a huge window that was big enough to accommodate his car. He built a special fake wall underneath the window and mounted both on hinges so they could be swung back and opened easily once he removes a special safety pin-lock.

With the glass out of the way, all he has left to do is place two small ramps down so that he can safely drive over the curb. Adding to the ‘hidden in plain sight’ concept of his garage is a nice, bright red bench placed in front of the window, which really ties it all together.

When he needs to go somewhere Eric moves the bench, opens the window, removes the fake wall, puts down the ramps, and drives out. Then he has to close it all up again, a process which he says takes him about 2 minutes.

The city council did end up finding out about his inventive garage, and they allowed him to keep it because it met their guidelines. Now Eric plans on making his garage door fully automatic, which should be easy considering all he’s come up with thus far!

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This Mom Is Completely Fed Up With Her Children At Dinner That She Does THIS

It is no surprise to anyone who has kids how this video begins.  In a world filled with technology bringing the family together for dinner has become one of the toughest jobs for parents around the world.  Whether it’s iPads, video games, phones, or TV everybody seems to be glued to their screens.  Most families can totally relate to this epidemic, but how can it be solved?

The mom’s in this video have figured out a genius solution.  The secret is inside the pepper shaker!  It might sound strange, but when you watch the video below you will totally understand.  In a world where we are so connected to the distant world around us, but often don’t notice the people who are around us, this is the perfect solution.  I think parents around the world will be lining up for this technology.

If you think the message in this video is an important one pass it on to your friends.  It’s so important that we remember to connect with our loved ones and sometimes look up from the screens we are so accustomed to watching all day.  Do you have any other methods to deal with situations like this?

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This Simple Math Problem Is Breaking The Internet Because Most Adults Can’t Figure Out The Answer. Can You?

Forgetting how to do math problems is inevitable, normal, and now thanks to one single equation, it’s also very interesting to test out. See if you’re able to solve this problem correctly or not. According to Presh Talwalkar, the man behind the YouTube channel MindYourDecisions, studies show that 60% of twenty year old Japanese adults correctly answered this exact problem. However, back in the 1980s that percentage was much higher with 90% of Japanese adults getting it correct.

The sharp drop in the number of people who are able to solve the problem is worrying and some are attributing it to modern technology. The reasoning behind the theory is that more and more people are relying on calculators, especially online ones like Google’s calculator, to solve equations. However, when they input the numbers they do so in a linear fashion and forget to apply the correct order of operations, aka PEMDAS which stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. Those little old rules make all the difference.

Don’t feel too down on yourself if you botch the answer and fail to answer the “simple” equation, you’re in good company. If it’s been decades since high school your memory of math lessons may be faded and over time we slowly forget and lose our recollections of many things. Even facts that seemed so important and easy to remember back then have gone from our brains. Perhaps the easiest subject to forget overall is math. Math builds on itself and all the concepts, rules, variables, and whatnot that it involves are easy to mix up or completely draw a blank on. Plus, unless your job or profession requires it, most of the stuff we learned in algebra we just don’t use in everyday life. Also, if you were never good at math back then, the odds are you won’t be good at it now. Were you able to solve it? Let us know in the comments

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