I Could Never Figure Out How To Get My Stove Grates Clean. Then I Learned THIS Strange Trick!

If you cook a lot of food and dinners up at home, your stove is bound to get dirty. It’s one of the hardest areas to clean in the kitchen and it’s extremely important to take care of it. Baked on crud that builds up on stove top burners can be a health and safety hazard and if you want the stove to last, you have to clean it thoroughly once in awhile.

The problem with that is it can be a real pain in the behind getting those black crusted grates looking like new again.¬†Now you don’t have to scrub them endlessly and risk scratching the heck out of them, because DIY Super Mom tested out an easy way to clean them up. The method she covered in this video takes minimum effort and works wonders at removing built up grease, grime, and food from burners.

All you really need to clean them is ammonia and a large Ziploc plastic bag. Here’s how you can do it:¬†First, pour some ammonia into a spray bottle and place the dirty burner into the bag. Spray some ammonia all over the burner while it’s in the bag, so that it’s completely coated, then seal it closed so that all of the nasty fumes are trapped and locked inside.

Gently shake the bag and turn it over a few times to agitate the liquid inside and to ensure that all of the cracks, corners, and crevices are soaked in it. Allow the bag to sit overnight while the ammonia works to loosen up and dislodge the baked on food.

Open up the bag the following day and remove the burner, placing it somewhere safe that you can scrub it, like in the kitchen sink. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a sponge to wipe off the rest of the black, icky crud. It should come off easily and since you don’t need to scrub hard or scour, it won’t scratch the grates.

The next time you notice your stove top is looking a little worse for wear, pop the grates in a bag and try this simple and effective cleaning trick. It’ll have your stove top burners looking clean and polished without the use of harsh, expensive cleaning supplies that stores sell.

Best of all, you won’t have to scrub until your arm feels like it’s falling off!

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