Do You Have An IQ That Is Over 140? Try To Solve This Puzzle and Find Out!

This intelligence test has been making the rounds on the internet and has already been shared well over three million times and counting. It’s also being claimed that if you’re able to solve and understand it then your IQ is above 150, which means you’re a genius.

On average, two-thirds of IQ test takers score anywhere between 85 and 115, and just 5% of people score over 125. A score of 140 or more would put you in the realm of the brightest, most intelligent minds on the planet!

Take a look at the puzzle below and see if you can figure out the pattern in the numbers shown. If you can’t solve it then check out the video from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel which goes over how to arrive at the answer and the rule of reasoning behind it.

Even if you are able to solve the puzzle, do you understand exactly how you arrived at the answer and could you prove the intelligence test rule behind it? If not, watch the clip to learn all about it and afterwards you will truly understand what the problem entails. Were you able to solve the puzzle? Let us know.

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This Spelling Test Is Designed For 3rd Graders. As It Turns Out Most Adults Fail. Can You Pass?

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Do you remember taking annual spelling tests back in grade school? Usually your teacher would hand out a list of words to memorize on Monday and by Friday you’d have to be familiar enough with them to pass a quiz. Every grade had its own set of words that you’d learn, which got progressively harder as you built up a vocabulary. Looking back on it, all those tests were a big part of our formative years and who knows how many words you ended up learning because of them.

How do you think you would fare if you were to take a third grade spelling test right now? Would you pass or fail?! By the time you were in third grade you were probably around 8 or 9 years old. The average third grade student begins to learn all sorts of new stuff like multiplication and division, basic science, and American history. They also start reading harder, more advanced books across different genres, so they’re constantly being exposed to new words.

Some of the new terms they are learning may look familiar, but are totally different from what they’ve already been exposed to. That’s because many words sound exactly alike, yet their meanings and spellings are either completely different or slightly off by just a letter or two. That makes them really easy to mess up or confuse!

Even though we slowly forget lots of that we’ve learned over time, things like spelling and grammar tend to stick with us. Unless of course you’re a terrible speller and always have been! See where your spelling skills fall and work your way through these 23 questions which cover a variety of words that the average pupil learns in third grade. According to the makers of the quiz, Playbuzz, only about 4% of the population are able to score a perfect 23/23 on this spelling test. Even if you can’t ace it, all that you really need to get is at least 17/23 right in order to pass, so try it now to see if you are as smart as a 3rd grader, and good luck!

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This Beautiful Test Will Reveal What Kind Of Soul You Have

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Many people appear to be old souls, young souls, brave souls, wise souls, and everything in-between. While it often seems like there are a million different types of souls out there in the world, they can all be whittled down to seven distinct archetypes. This quick, short quiz will tell you which one your soul falls under. It looks at and examines our choices across a broad range of topics that zero in on the answer for you.

Out of the following soul types, which one do you think matches your personality the best based on what you imagine it to be:

The Warrior- one who is highly emotive, loves a challenge, brave, full of life and energy
The Server- one who is easy going, happy and positive, giving, a problem solver
The Scholar- one who is philosophical, intelligent, analytical, driven by curiosity
The Artisan- one who is interesting, expressive, creative, hands on and unique
The King- one who is a dominant leader, aggressive, commanding, intense
The Priest- one who is a positive influence, motivational, charming, easy to talk to
The Sage- one who is friendly, outgoing, entertaining, expressive and charismatic

Other than being fun and entertaining to do, short questionnaires like this quiz offer us a chance to sit back so we can truly reflect on how and why we went down the path that we did. Was it fate that led us to this point in our lives, or something else like destiny that’s equally as mysterious and inexplicable. Regardless of the forces behind it all, what you enjoy most in life, when you’re at your happiest, the people you are most drawn to and more can say a lot about your spirit and the type of soul you have.

This quiz will help you work through the basics to narrow it all down. In the end your results will match you up with one of the seven possibilities listed above, so find out now what type of soul you have!

What type of soul are you? let us know in the comments

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