Can You Select The Right Word? Find Out..

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How well do you think you’d perform on a spelling and grammar test right now? There’s only one way to find out, by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose the correct spelling of the words given to you based on the sentences you are provided with. Sounds easy enough, right? Perhaps, but if you have been out of school for awhile now, or were never all that great at English and composition to begin with, then this quiz may be trickier than you originally thought it would be!

As we all know, there’s a lot of different rules governing grammar, spelling, composition, and proper sentence structure that we never stop to actually think about. Stuff like that becomes second nature once we reach a certain age and it rarely, if at all, factors into our daily lives. Plus, in the high-tech world we live in today most of us simply rely on spell check to correct our spelling errors in emails and messages. Even if we make syntax mistakes, it usually gets ignored or overlooked. That’s why more and more people are turning into bad spellers.

Another thing that’s affecting our spelling abilities is the shortening and abbreviations of sentences with SMS text message shortcuts like “OMG” and “LOL.” Such types of abbreviations are widely overused and render having to spell words correctly a useless skill. Not to mention how maddening they can be to understand. For the more obscure terms you have to look them up in special dictionaries devoted to tracking their meanings!

But I digress. Take this quiz to see whether or not you have managed to retain the lessons you were taught all those years ago on the subject of grammar and spelling. If you excelled in English and enjoyed it, then you’ll likely find this quiz easy and you can use it to jog your memory on the subject. For all those not so great at spelling, good luck!

Click “Let’s Play!” to begin and see whether or not your English skills measure up when put to the test!

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Video – Are You A Good Liar? This Short Test Will Reveal If You Are In Less Than 5 Seconds!

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There is not a person in this world who doesn’t lie sometimes.  Robert Feldman, a researcher at the University of Massachusetts, did research on lying in 2002, and found that people lied on average 2 to 3 minutes during a ten minute conversation.  That is somewhat astounding; most of us would never think that we lie with such ease!

Perhaps we lie in such subtle ways that we don’t even perceive what we are saying as an untruth.  However, if we consciously paid attention, perhaps we would find that this may be true, as lying comes in different forms.  We can lie through “commission”;

that is just boldly saying something that just isn’t true; those are the kinds of lies we are more conscious of.  You can lie by “omission; leaving something out is a another form of lying.  Last but not least, is telling a “half-truth”, leading the person listening to us to believe something that isn’t completely true.

Why do we lie?  There is the “white lie”, which we tell ourselves is necessary in order to spare someone’s feelings.  Less altruistic reasons are fear of punishment and wanting people to think of you in a certain light.  Lying is known to cause stress that can lead to anxiety and depression.

Being found out is a partial reason for the stress, but more consequential is going through life being inauthentic, for fear that you are not good enough as you are.  If lying dominates your life, you never really form healthy connections with others, which leads to true loneliness.

The exercise you will be asked to perform in the video below is a quick one.  Depending on how you do it, will indicate whether you are hyper vigilant  of how others see you, are highly invested in being the center of attention and tend to be a good liar.

If you perform the task differently, you tend to be an introvert and not good at lying.  A rationale is offered for this analysis.  Let us know if this interpretation makes sense to you and whether it corresponds to how you see yourself.

So, are you a good liar? Let us know!

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I Never Thought I Was Colorblind. Then After I Took This Test It Said I Was! Now It’s Your Turn!

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It’s fun taking this online test for color blindness. Don’t worry if you have trouble seeing the imbedded numbers in the following video, because it may have to do with the lighting on your computer. In any case, inability to make out differences in color is not actually a form of blindness, even though it is called color blindness.

Rather, it is a deficiency in discriminating between certain colors; red and green, and blue and yellow. There is a genetic component to color blindness, but it can also result from certain drugs, toxins and eye diseases. (reference,

Color blindness is easy to detect with these imbedded numbers in colored dots, or with shapes for young children.  It is not inconsequential to know if you are colorblind. For children, in particular, it can inhibit learning if certain lessons aren’t tailored for the deficiency. For adults, who have made certain career choices where not being able to differentiate color impacts their job duties, not knowing you have color blindness might be dangerous.

The following video offers what is called the Ishihara color test. Go ahead and try it out. If you have trouble discerning the embedded numbers, it might be worthwhile seeing an ophthalmologist, but again no reason to worry. Let us know how you do.

Did the test say you are colorblind? Let us know!

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Do You Have The Magic Eye? Find Out.

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Do you remember the days when the Magic Eye book series were all the rage? The original three books came out in the mid-nineties and were so popular they topped the New York Times best seller list for weeks on end. The images featured on the glossy pages are known as autostereograms which are 2D images designed to contain 3D images hidden within them!

Autostereograms as we know them were originally invented by Bela Julesz, a neuroscientist and psychologist who wished to prove his theory that depth perception occurred in the brain and not the eyes, the common belief at the time. To do this he set out to test people’s ability to see in 3D with images he created that were similar in type to the Magic Eye version! The visual illusion’s proved his theory and years later they spawned the Magic Eye images we all know and love..

When looking at a Magic Eye picture a person must adjust their eyes and change the way they normally perceive depth. If they are able to do this successfully, the hidden 3D image will appear out of the patterned image they’re staring at. Instructions for viewing the images given on the Magic Eye website are broken down as follows:

1) Look at the center of the image extremely close up. It should almost touch your nose.
2) Adjust your focus and try to look right through it into the distance.
3) Begin to slowly and steadily move the picture away from your eyes until the 3D image pops out at you!

You may have to move the image back towards you, closer to your face, or further away and it’s best to start over if you need to do so. Once you’re able to see the hidden image you should allow your eyes to adjust, it’ll become clearer, more defined, and at that point you can see more of the depth and details in it. Some people may not be able to see anything and can’t adjust their eyesight to see past the 2D image. If you’re one of them, keep trying and eventually you should be able to crack the brain/eye barrier that’s tripping you up!

To test your Magic Eye abilities try working through the pictures below and see how skilled you really are at perceiving the 3D images, good luck!

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This Simple Life Hack Will Let You Know If Your Batteries Are Dead In 3 Seconds. Anyone Can Do It!

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An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Each cell contains a positive terminal, or cathode, and a negative terminal, or anode. Electrolytes allow ions to move between the electrodes and terminals, which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work. In the following video you will learn how to tell if your batteries are dead without wasting anytime at all.

Just so you know if batteries are kept at a cooler temperature in a fridge or freezer they tend to last longer. Sometimes keeping batteries cool can increase the length Battery life by at least five percent.  However for batteries to work at their full potential they should be at brought back to room temp.

Now onto the simple method to test if any alkaline battery in your house or office has any juice left in only 3 seconds! I wish somebody taught me this brilliant trick earlier. However it’s better late than never! This method works on AA, AAA, C, D batteries.

Let us know if the trick works for you. Enjoy the tutorial below!

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Can You Actually See All The Colors? Find Out.

Exactly how well do you think you can actually see all of the colors under the sun? There’s only one way to find out and that is by having your vision tested. Even though a professional eye doctor is the most qualified person who can check your eyesight, you can always put your vision to the test at home. This quiz is a quick and easy way to determine how strong your color vision is so try it out and see how well you can see!

People are all over the map when it comes to visual abilities and many are affected by color blindness. In fact, around one in twelve men and one in 200 women display some degree of color blindness according to

Color blindness is not what it sounds like, rather than being complete and total blindness it’s actually a perceptive deficiency in ones color vision. The level of deficiency ranges from a complete inability to see colors, to problems seeing specific colors, to an overall decreased ability in differentiating between certain colors.

Most cases of colorblindness are genetic and so the majority of people are born with it. A smaller number of individuals acquire it later in life and potential causes typically include trauma or accidents that result in brain or retinal damage.

In addition, exposure to ultraviolet light, which can easily damage the retina, is also a common cause. When someone acquires color vision deficiency later in life and it isn’t attributed to trauma or UV light, then it could stem from a disease, drugs, chemical exposure, or age related macular degeneration.

As it turns out, you may have developed some form of color blindness and don’t even know it! This simple quiz will get you started and help you figure that out right here and now.

For each question all that you have to do is pick the one color that appears to be different from all of the rest. If you find this easy then you likely have no color vision issues, but if it’s difficult you should consider getting your eyes checked further by a professional eye doctor. Press “Let’s Play” and good luck!

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